Leftist Hollywood Casting Hypocrisy

When an actor who is “white,” like Tilda Swinton, plays a traditionally non-“white” character like The Ancient One (from Dr Strange) people on the Left LOSE their collective, drug addled minds and start screaming that this is racist “white-washing” of an ethnic character which, up until this point, they had never heard of.

They apparently failed to notice that the Character used to be male. Funny how they never mentioned that in their Twitter rants.

When the same MCU casts “black” actor Samuel Jackson as the traditionally “white” character Nick Fury, not a single Leftist came out to defend the traditional look of the character from being changed to another “race.” And none of us fan-boys who liked those movies said anything either, because Samuel Jackson is awesome as Nick Fury. And none of us could remember what he looked like in the comics either, because, let’s face it, he’s no Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. He’s like Charlie on Charlie’s Angels. We don’t care what he looks like as long as there is a blonde, a brunette and a red head.

In response to one commenter on social media who COULDN’T understand why white people were getting upset about the casting of a black little mermaid, I said I didn’t care at all, and I told him how excited I was to see Jennifer Lawrence as Tiana in the upcoming live action Princess and the Frog. He lost his mind in the self-righteous, predictable manner you might think he would.

And did I hear that Lin-Manuel Miranda is writing an all-white cast musical about Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X? Sutton Foster as Rosa Parks is going to be AMAZING, but Hugh Jackman as Malcom X is the role he was born to play. If you don’t agree, you’re just a racist. There’s no other possible reason you would feel the way you do.

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