Are Atheists all PSYCHOPATHS? | Feedback Friday!

In response to This Article, our friend Essip wrote us some of his thoughts. 

I had said, “If the entire human race is simply the byproduct of time and chance and evolutionary mechanisms, then why do black lives or any lives matter at all? From an evolutionary and atheistic world view NO lives matter, because “lives” are just accidental byproducts of a blind random chemical process…So nothing matters, nothing has value.”

And so he replied:

You hold a severe misunderstanding if you think that evolution, atheism or Darwin imply meaninglessness. Agreed, there is no absolute meaning. Meaning something for us. Meaning is in our minds. Black Lives matter to us, people. You don’t need an imaginary god to value meaning or to value lives.
Atheism is not a form of psychopathy.

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And I replied to him:

Greetings again Essip,
So let me get this right: You are saying that evolution, atheism or Darwin DO NOT imply meaninglessness, but you are ALSO saying that there IS no objective meaning.

“Meaning is in our minds.” you say.

But isn’t this like saying, “Magical flying unicorns aren’t REAL, but they are real FOR ME. Unicorns are in my mind.”?

Isn’t this just saying you can imagine things that aren’t real, or personally value things that are actually valueless, like a person who falls in love with a clump of dirt in a jar named Allen?

The clump of dirt is named Allen. The jar doesn’t have a name because WHO NAMES A JAR? Am I right? Anyway…

I would like to suggest that you misunderstand Atheism and Evolution, because they Do both imply meaninglessness. I have shown this several times including in this video.

You say “You don’t need an imaginary god to value meaning or to value lives.” and obviously this is true. You need a REAL God, otherwise you are using fiction as the foundation of fiction, the way people do when they build their faith in atheism on their faith in evolution (when their faith in evolutionism is based on their faith in atheism…).

The argument is NOT “If you don’t BELIEVE in a god then there is no objective value,” but rather “If God does not exist, then neither do objective values.”

As for this comment, “Atheism is not a form of psychopathy.”

Hmmm… that is a well too deep to jump down right now. Perhaps I shall do so later.
Thanks for your comments!

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5 Responses to Are Atheists all PSYCHOPATHS? | Feedback Friday!

  1. jsneese62 says:

    I watched your video and you make very good points. Makes me wonder how these people explain the fact that DNA is a written code. Just like a computer’s code has to be written by someone it doesn’t just accidentally write itself. When you think of the wide diversity of this planet when it comes to life. Who decided there would be so much diversity? If life followed from the goo to the zoo to you why isn’t there just one lifeform? I am assuming there were just one or two kinds of goo so why would it stray into different directions and randomly have a different DNA code? These are all questions they have never been able to answer for me. I was also taught that animals evolve when there is no longer a niche for them in nature. If that is true and we evolved from apes then why are there still apes? My science teacher’s response was I asked too many stupid questions.


    • When someone gets angry at you for asking too many questions, odds are you’re asking the right questions.
      I often marvel at how often I watch or read something that says, “THIS evolved millions of years ago, not LOOK at all of the AMAZING DESIGN in this thing!” The double think is dizzying.
      thanks for reading, and remember, Jesus Loves You!

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      • jsneese62 says:

        I agree and I think I got a lower grade that year and probably because I asked too many stupid questions. I also marvel that people cannot see the amazing design it is so obvious it was done with thought and intelligence. God bless!


  2. TruthnotMyth says:

    It’s always a circular insane argument when you have a religious fantasy devotee who believes in the fantasy of a “real god” as something objectively real. Because it’s an insane person who believes he/she is sane making supposedly sane arguments… But there’s no cure for insanity or stupidity. So you only offer more insane arguments cloaked in fake sanity.

    And only an ignoramus (or insane person) about psychopathy who claims atheism is the same as psychopathy. In fact most religious people act like, or are, secondary psychopaths — “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” …


    • So, TnM, your argument is, “I hate you, so you’re wrong.” Is that it? Because that seems to be all you’ve said when it’s boiled down.

      And are you claiming that it’s an “insane argument” to say that design only comes from a designer, or that language only comes from a mind, or that law only comes from a law giver, or that nothing comes from nothing, and so the universe must have had a cause -itself not OF the universe-with the properties to make this universe of ours- which would logically be God…?
      We prove that here:
      and explain why it’s specifically the one objectively real God and not a fictional god here:

      Are you saying those logical pieces of reason are “insane” merely because you are asserting the opposite (which would be a rejection of all logic and science) or are you merely saying you disagree but lack the ability to defend your position and so you have chosen to stoop to name calling? Asking for a friend.

      Of course, if you can make the argument that design comes from the laws of physics and chemistry (which always lead to entropy in ANY system) or if you can argue that language can come from brute matter (such as a book with NO author) or if you can argue that nothing can make fine tuned everything, including the laws that govern the universe- well, I’d LOVE to hear those arguments! Please share those with me!



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