Black Lives Matter… or do they?

The liberal ideology expressed recently in the Black Lives Matter movement seems to be a contradiction. They assert that

black people are oppressed by white people

black people are poor and disadvantaged and white people are rich and privileged

black people have poor schooling and white people have good schools

black people have little or no influence in culture, business and government and white people have all the power in culture, business and government

and yet


they also assert that we are equal.

But How?

Where does the equality come from when one one group so clearly dominates over the other in education and power and influence and privilege and economic status?

This idea is summed up in the term “White Privilege.” In a purely Darwinian sense this view means that black people are less fit and the white are more fit and therefore are the evolutionary dominant- more fit, more capable of surviving and thriving in the environment of, in this case, Western Culture, or maybe just Earth in general. (Don’t ask me. This isn’t my stupid theory. I’m just explaining it.)

Furthermore if the entire human race is simply the byproduct of time and chance and evolutionary mechanisms, then why do black lives or any lives matter at all? From an evolutionary and atheistic world view NO lives matter, because “lives” are just accidental byproducts of a blind random chemical process. Matter doing what matter must do according to the laws of physics and chemistry. So nothing matters, nothing has value. Everything is chaos: an accident pre-determined by the initial conditions of the Big Bang which itself has no cause.

DO Black Lives Matter?

Not if Darwin is right. On Darwin, Black lives are the less fit, more ape primates. White lives are the more evolved, less ape primates. And both are meaningless, purposeless accidents destined to oblivion. Destined to go extinct in a universe destined to die. No different than two strains of bacteria competing in a petri dish which is going to be washed clean someday soon.

Unless the Bible is true.

Then Black lives are HUMAN lives, made in the image of God. Endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Then black men and white men, Jews and gentiles, Catholics and Protestants can join hands and sing together in the words of the old Negro Spiritual: Free at Last, Free at Last. Thank GOD ALMIGHTY we are Free at LAST.

We can be forgiven, free, and have life eternal. We can be the sons and daughters of God, the Bride of Christ, citizens of the eternal kingdom of heaven.

If the Bible is right, then black lives are human lives, and human lives matter because God loves us and Jesus paid the price to save us from our sins and bring us home to our heavenly Father.

And the Bible is right. So, yes.

Human lives matter.

All of them.

for more on the racism inherent in Evolution, check out the Making of Brainswork series. And remember, #JesusLovesYou

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3 Responses to Black Lives Matter… or do they?

  1. essiep says:

    You hold a severe misunderstanding if you think that evolution, atheism or Darwin imply meaninglessness. Agreed, there is no absolute meaning. Meaning something for us. Meaning is in our minds. Black Lives matter to us, people. You don’t need an imaginary god to value meaning or to value lives.
    Atheism is not a form of psychopathy.


    • Greetings again essip,
      So let me get this right: You are saying that evolution, atheism or Darwin DO NOT imply meaninglessness, but you are ALSO saying that there IS no objective meaning. “Meaning is in our minds.”
      But isn’t this like saying, “Magical flying unicorns aren’t REAL, but they are real FOR ME. Unicorns are in my mind.”? Isn’t this just saying you can imagine things that aren’t real, or personally value things that are actually valueless, like a person who falls in love with a clump of dirt in a jar?
      Although, I would like to suggest that you misunderstand Atheism and Evolution, because they Do both imply meaninglessness. I have shown this several times including in this video:

      You say “You don’t need an imaginary god to value meaning or to value lives.” and obviously this is true. You need a REAL God, otherwise you are using fiction as the foundation of fiction, the way people do when they build their faith in atheism on their faith in evolution. The argument is NOT “If you don’t BELIEVE in a god then there is no objective value,” but rather “If God does not exist, then neither do objective values.”

      As for this comment, “Atheism is not a form of psychopathy.” Hmmm… that is a well too deep to jump down right now. Perhaps I shall do so later.
      thanks for your comments!


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