Another Quiz: Protests!

One of these photos shows people peacefully protesting what they consider to be a serious case of injustice, and another shows a dangerous group of violent thugs threatening Democracy itself. Can you tell which is which?

Which image shows the dangerous, violent mob action? Is it:

A. The images from Kenosha where homes and stores were burned and looted and the CNN news anchor had to wear a gas mask and eye protection, and so much of the city was in flames that they couldn’t provide a shot of the protests that didn’t feature burning cars and buildings?

B. The January 6th attack on the Capital where a crowd of boomers took selfies to send their grandkids, and took almost no precautions to hide their identities as they shuffled through the building?

OK, pencils down. Did you get it right?

Yes, it was the countless nights of burning and looting which followed the death of George Floyd. Far more days of violence, far more millions of dollars of property damage ($2 BILLION in total), looting and vandalism, and far more deaths as a direct result. At the Capital, one person is confirmed to have died- though later reports suggest it was a heart attack later that day somewhere else after they left, and apparently one person shot, though reports a year and a half later are sparce.

Also, I’m not sure if the above picture of the Siege on the Capital is actually from that day, as all of the pictures of people attacking or touring the Capital look pretty much the same except for those flags. It’s still being investigated, though the sex trafficking/slavery of underage girls/and “suicide” of Jefferey Epstein is not. Our leadership in the Democratic party has their priorities.

And if you got this wrong, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t be voting.

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2 Responses to Another Quiz: Protests!

  1. Athiest Jr. says:

    Brian Sicknick, a 42-year-old responding Capitol Police officer, was pepper-sprayed during the riot and had two thromboembolic strokes the next day, after which he was placed on life support[8] and soon died.[413][414] The D.C. chief medical examiner found he died from a stroke, classifying his death as natural, and commenting that “all that transpired played a role in his condition”.
    Some rioters and 138 police officers (73 Capitol Police and 65 Metropolitan Police) were injured, of whom 15 were hospitalized, some with severe injuries. All had been released from the hospital by January 11.

    Selfies, huh?


    • Ok, Jr,
      1. Pepper spray doesn’t cause a stroke. That was obviously a pre-existing condition. And do you even know what a “natural death” means? go look that up Jr, because you have already answered your own irrational position.
      2. A bunch of Antifa Members and BLM members were arrested at the capitol. There’s where your property damage came from, including the first broken windows which was met with people in MAGA hats screaming, “Stop that guy! He’s with Antifa!” Also among those arrested were people who were prosecuted theft for moving furniture from one part of a room to another part of the same room. So your stats, even if true, don’t carry any context and are therefore useless. Turn off CNN and learn to think for yourself.
      3. You wanna tell me how many people were arrested, injured or killed during any ONE of the dozens of BLM “Mostly peaceful protests” that happened in the six months prior to this? Because it was a LOT more. Could be worth a google. Also, you’re a hypocrite.
      4. Your name is “atheist Jr” which tells me reason and logic is not your strong suit. Change your name and change your ways Jr. Because calling yourself “atheist” anything on the internet is like wearing a sign that says “Stupid” around your neck. I appreciate the honesty, but it’s not going to get you any respect, because it shouldn’t.


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