Evidence! Reasons! FAITH! Read “Proof Of God” for free!

Of course you can believe in God with no reasons, but if you want to know why God exists and the Bible can be trusted, then this book has a lot to offer you! Proof of God shows arguments and evidence for the existence of God from philosophy, science, morality, design, and British Literature. You’ll learn why atheism and agnosticism are not valid options, and you’ll learn some good reasons to avoid Shia LaBeouf.

Click here to read online or download for free: https://abitoforange.com/free-books/

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2 Responses to Evidence! Reasons! FAITH! Read “Proof Of God” for free!

  1. RaPaR says:

    Just a lot more B.S. from the B.S. Believers. And so much made up, as well! “Orthodox Atheism?” You haven’t got a clue.


    • Hey gangsta Rapar,
      Bologna Sandwich Believers? Are those anything like Day Dream Believers?
      I have a crazy idea for you- hear me out- maybe consider reading my book before you declare that I haven’t got a clue.
      It might be worth your time, on account of the fact that I am right.


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