Pinterest, Perverts, and the Prophet Mohammed

So I found this on Pinterest. Naturally, I was rolling my eyes about the attempt to use a poorly drawn cartoon meme to normalize all kinds of sin, folly, and self destruction*. 

And I’m all, “Geepers guys, why can’t you just break out the book of Leviticus, flip on over to chapter 18 and figure out…”



So this is the version of Little Orphan Annie where she MARRIES DADDY WARBUCKS?!?!?! Even in Iowa that girl is SEVEN YEARS TOO YOUNG for this to be legal!

The leftists all laughed when we said it was a slippery slope. They laughed. That was before three lesbians demanded the right to all marry each other at the same time and there were still only two genders.

On the other hand, the couple above are still closer in age to each other than Mohammed (age 53) was to his his “favorite” wife when he married her- Aisha, who was 6 at the time. Yup. SIX years old.

Just throwin that out there.

As for me and my house, we will let the Creator of heaven and Earth tell us right from wrong. If you’re looking to Pinterest instead of to God…

Y’all in trouble.

Just throwin that out there.

For more Cultural Commentary, check out the Cultural Commentary Playlist, and remember, #JesusLovesYou


* Just for the record, I have nothing against “interracial marriage” especially because I don’t believe in ‘races.’ But there wasn’t a good way to work that into the intro.
Don’t email me.

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