Ignorant Atheist Hates on the Autistic | Feedback Friday!

Welcome to Feedback Friday! Today’s comment comes from a girl who stops by now and then to explain what an idiot I am and how terrifying it is that people like me exist.

After a recent discussion on the topics of morality and animal rights, where in I asked her a lot of questions about her worldview, she commented:

I really don’t have time or patience to debate with people who dont understand how cringey and autistic it is to deny evolution and claim the human race is 2 thousand yrs old.

That’s mega cringe, you might want to go look for that gradeschool education you misplaced.

And I responded:

You wouldn’t be the first person to lose patience with me. And apparently you also don’t have the time to look up the evolutionary timeline which says we evolved from chimps between 1 and 2 hundred thousand years ago. Or the Biblical timeline which says God created around 6,000 years ago.

If you going to tell someone they’re an idiot, it could be worth a Google.

And frankly, I don’t appreciate you hating on the autistic like that. Autistic people are different, but they are not a synonym for STUPID. I would respectfully ask that you merely call me an “idiot” like other atheists do.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

But maybe we can both be thankful that you stopped by my blog to educate me. Surely if I am starting at a grade school level, then you must have MUCH to teach me. I would ask that you start by answering the questions I have already asked you about your worldview. I am very much interested in your responses.

This may be the first time I have had the opportunity to discuss matters with an animal rights believer, and there is much I have always wanted to know. I really do consider this a great opportunity. So, if you could overlook the cringe, and please go back and answer the questions I have sent already, I would appreciate it.

Let me know if I need to clarify any of my questions. I’m here to help.

OK, she never did answer my questions, but I had to try. Now I need to go look for that grade school education I misplaced.

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2 Responses to Ignorant Atheist Hates on the Autistic | Feedback Friday!

  1. aj says:

    Oh please, taking the moral high ground about someone using the word autistic as an insult when you’re a total bigot against LGBT people.

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    • As it happens, AJ, I actually HAVE the moral high ground. One needn’t be very high to be above someone who is squatting in a hole.
      And as someone who has both family and students and friends on the autism spectrum, I find it unacceptable to use the term “autism” as a synonym for “idiot.” It’s unjust as well as inaccurate.
      But while you’ve chosen the COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED path of name calling (By which I mean totally expected) maybe you’d like to defend your use of the term “bigot” with some reasoned argument proving the justification of your name calling? Because I am going to call you out and say, not only do you have NO logical reason to accuse me of being a “total bigot against LGBT people” but you also don’t actually know what the word “Bigot” means. Prove me wrong.

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