You know what? DON’T Believe ALL Women (Or Pet the Raccoons)

I’m about to make a case for NOT believing all women, but before I do, I want to state that this case is built on the foundation of the equality between the genders. Of which there are only two.

And while I’m blowing the minds of my Leftist friends, I’ll even define “Woman” for you: An adult human female.

I guess I’m overqualified for the Supreme Court. But I digress.

The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defecation lawsuit… oh, excuse me, Defamation lawsuit has been playing nonstop, live on the internet for a couple of weeks now as if it’s an important soccer match between Brazil and England. Here’s why it is happening:

Apparently Ms. Heard wrote an article in a major newspaper accusing Mr. Depp of being abusive to her during their marriage, describing herself as a victim of domestic abuse. Because of the #MeToo movement, and the subsequent “Believe All Women” movement, the media at large NEVER stopped to question if her story was true. After all, you can’t Believe ALL Women if you’re going to bother them with the burden to prove their allegations against men. It’s not “Believe All Women if their story is credible and they are known to have an honest character of good reputation.”

And yes, the Believe All Women movement only applies when the woman in question is accusing a man. In the same way that Black Lives Matter doesn’t give a flying fart about Will Smith slapping the taste out of Chris Rock’s mouth during the Oscars (or the black owned businesses destroyed by their own “Mostly Peaceful Protests”), the Believe All Women movement doesn’t expect you to believe lesbians who claim to be victims of “intimate partner violence.” I think we’re supposed to assume that they are closet Trump supporters making up lies about Lesbians because they hate homosexuals. But again I digress.

Because of the popular Believe ALL Women movement, a lot of people, including the right people at Disney, decided they better at least pretend to believe Ms. Heard, and as a result, Johnny lost his roles in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 6 (Retired Pirates Won’t Stop Telling Tales) and the most recent Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (which in retrospect for Mr. Depp was a blessing in disguise). On account of Ms. Heard’s accusations, Mr. Depp lost out on major movie deals, while she was able to be in Aquaman and the upcoming Aquaman 2. Look, I’ll be honest, she was kind of the Jane Foster to Aquaman’s Thor in that movie. I mean, she was IN it, but if she gets replaced, hardly anyone will notice. Maybe in the sequel she gets to have some character. But I’m not holding my breath.

But to my topic- Let me simply call for some common sense. Proverbs 18:17 says

In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines.

There is ALWAYS more to a story than the accusation. Have the sense to consider all of the relevant facts before you judge. This is called having wisdom.

If a woman YOU KNOW PERSONALLY tells you that she is the victim of a crime or some kind of abuse, and you know her to be trustworthy, then believe her and offer whatever help is required immediately. Believe THAT woman.

If a woman you know personally to be a compulsive liar tells the same story, maybe ask enough questions to see if she’s in need of help of if she’s pulling a con on you. QUESTION that woman.

If a woman you don’t know tells a story like this about a man whom you do know to be of good character, then err on the side where you have knowledge. If your brother is a good man, but his ex girlfriend accuses him of slapping her around, don’t accept it merely because she is female. Seek the truth. LISTEN to that woman, but listen to his side of the story as well.

In short, offer compassion where needed, but do not offer judgement where you don’t have knowledge. Here’s the truth which the Believe All Women movement has chosen to ignore: Women also lie.

The Believe All Women movement makes the foolish error of forgetting that women are fully human. Humans are capable of sin, and that includes lies. If you are in a position to be involved as a help or an authority, then LISTEN to all women. Consider the case of all women. Give the benefit of the doubt to all women. But if you decide that a woman is telling the truth merely because she is a woman, then you are being foolish. This is the same kind of error people make in thinking that, because an animal is cute and cuddly looking that it must be friendly and want to be petted. Then they get their faces clawed off by a raccoon while screaming “I just wanted to be friends!”

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Men are liars. Women are liars. Men abuse women. Women also abuse men. Any horrible thing a person can do to another person has been done by both men and women.

Women abuse their own children sometimes. Female teachers molest their own students sometimes. Women physically assault their own boyfriends and husbands sometimes. Women sometimes cheat on faithful husbands. Women are fully human, and fully capable of the same moral or immoral choices as men.

Because Men and Women are equal in all of the ways that make them human, Love ALL People, but remember that all people are capable of evil and dishonesty, and use wisdom. Seek the truth BEFORE you pass judgement.

And if I haven’t made this clear, DO NOT try and pet the raccoons. Not if you value your face.

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5 Responses to You know what? DON’T Believe ALL Women (Or Pet the Raccoons)

  1. Reblogged this on The Creation Cowboy and commented:
    It’s been interesting to see this case tried in the court of public opinion by people who are ready to slap leather with each other. These jaspers don’t know all the facts. How often does this happen, anyway? As I’ve said many times, people “think” with their emotions, but do not do more than pet the trash pandas.

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  2. It’s sad that these days things this obvious have to be pointed out. But humans can be stupid. Men can be stupid. Women can be stupid.
    One more note on lying: CHILDREN CAN LIE. There’s a tendency to automatically believe children, and while we absolutely should investigate every accusation of abuse, the fact remains, some children LIE. I’m thinking of a friend who was falsely accused of abuse and spent a solid year being investigated, under threat of losing her children. She was cleared, but the emotional toll it took on her was horrendous.

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  3. jsneese62 says:

    I was nodding my head up and down so fast going u huh u huh my insane kitten looked at me like I was the insane one and nearly gave myself whiplash agreeing with you. I have believed Johnny Depp from the start for at least a couple of reasons the first being no other woman he has ever been with has ever accused him of abuse and a few have come to his defense one of which he spent 14 years with and left for Amber Heard no one becomes an abuser over night. Another reason is I have watched her testify and she cannot work up one tear no matter how hard she tries. I was abused by two former husbands and if I talk about those times for me than a few moments I will be sobbing and the first husband was about 30 years ago. It is a pain your mind never really gets over.
    As I said though I have watched her testify and watched her as Johnny Depp testified and she shows absolutely no emotion none at all. No pain, no anger, no humor, or happiness there is nothing there and this will sound mean to some I am sure but it is if there is nothing behind those eyes of hers.
    Johnny Depp has never hidden his faults of his addictions and penchant for destroying hotel rooms and though I do not condone it at least he honest about it.
    As for the students UTA that decided it was smart to feed and pet raccoons well I probably laughed at them far harder than I should have and since they like petting things that look cute and cuddly I have an insane kitten I could give them that would do to them the same thing the raccoons did without the need for rabies shots. My children knew by the time they were 5 years old not to pet wild animals makes me wonder what the heck are parents teaching their kids these days Oh, wait now I remember that girls are boys and boys are girls unless your a cat and insane.

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    • This is the best comment I have gotten all day. I thank you and I thank your insane cat.
      You speak wisdom my friend. I think you make a lot of good points. You also make me glad not to be/have an insane cat.

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      • jsneese62 says:

        You are very welcome and thank you I just try to be as honest as possible about what I think and feel. I will tell the insane kitten you said thank you, but she will likely bite me and run off gleefully to destroy some thing in the kitchen.
        Again thank you most of the time people just call me a cranky old woman. I have watched people for as long as I can remember being introverted most of my life and I have found that people will show their true colors the moment they don’t think they are being watched. Insane kittens can be great fun, but it really isn’t her fault she was abandoned when she was two weeks old so I bottle fed her for weeks and now she doesn’t know she is a cat not sure what she thinks she is though other than insane.

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