What I Learned from Flat Earthers

I often marvel at the strange and frequently hostile replies I get on social media from people defending their sacred Darwinism from my various criticisms.

What’s their deal? Can’t they just follow the evidence where it leads?

Well, I recently got a sneak peek into their world when I came upon a unique video made by a flat earth proponent. In my experience, most flat earth videos are pretty much the same. First, they have the remarkable ability to pack a full four minutes of content into a mere 2 and a half hours of video. That four minutes will consist of a lot of vague references to modern science, much of which will be wrong, including some flagrant misunderstandings of the ball earth model, like when they ask why all of the water on earth doesn’t drip off of the bottom of the earth, by which they mean the south pole. Apparently many of them think we believe that the earth is like a basketball in your living room, such that, if it were covered in water, all of the water would fall off and form a puddle on the vast cosmic carpeting underneath the south pole.

Image result for why doesn't the ocean drip off the south pole

How they would come to this understanding of the model if they had spent a single day awake in science class any time at all during their formative years, I cannot say. This is a gross misunderstanding so obvious that I suspect even Bill Nye would catch it. But I digress.

The unique video I mentioned was unique in several ways. First of all, it had the customary four minutes of content, but in a video which was around six minutes long. Already this was a different species entirely than I was used to. Even more dramatic, the video features a science demo which was used to directly address one of the criticisms of the flat earth model. Most startling of all, the science demo showed exactly what the video intended to prove with no obvious errors in his understanding of science. The demo demonstrated the principle which, apparently, debunks the criticism of the Flat Earth model, and what hit close to home was that this was a criticism I had made about the model just a week or two before I saw this video!

Could it be I was wrong? Here I had made what I thought was an open and shut case against the Flat Earth model, and yet, with science and a fun demo you can do at home, this guy had shown my criticism was debunked!

So I did the only rational thing a person can do in that situation. I took a deep breath, headed into the comments section, hit caps lock and used every swear I know to tell him he is an IDIOT!

Oh, wait. No, I didn’t do that. No… I thought about the video and pondered what I had seen. 

What if, I wondered, what IF every other criticism I had about their model could be similarly debunked? What if the earth could be shown to be FLAT?

It was in this moment that I suddenly got a glimpse into the world of the Evolutionists who come to my blog/youtube channel.

Here they are with a middle school understanding of science and a handful of what they think are airtight arguments against Biblical Creationism, when suddenly I come along and show them that Evolution is so flimsy that not even Charles Darwin believed it.

They thought the universe was one shape, but suddenly they see that science and logic can be used to show it is a totally different shape than they always believed it to be! While I never approached the kind of anger, hostility, and blind animal rage that some of my commenters seem to stew in (as demonstrated by their dedicated use of ALL of the swears) I felt myself being emotionally pulled into something which must be akin to their mental state. I instantly wanted to debunk his debunking. I didn’t want to consider it.

I didn’t even want to fully understand it.
I just WANTED to prove it WRONG.

I didn’t understand it or even mull it over enough to know WHY it was wrong, if it was, but I could feel myself WANTING it to be wrong. I was surprised by this, because I am such an open minded and rational man of science, but in that moment I suddenly understood what it was like to be an evolutionist. It would be inaccurate to say I THOUGHT, but rather I FELT “I don’t fully understand what he is saying, but he is wrong, and I WANT him to be wrong.” If I was immature and ignorant enough, as well as insecure and rude, I may have even completed the Roach Clown mantra and concluded, “I hate him.”

But I’m not. The fact is, I respect what that guy was doing. He was building scientific models and science demonstrations to defend a scientific model he feels is accurate. He’s not being a troll or a jerk, and he is backing up his claims with visual demonstrations which only take ten minutes or so to watch. Kudos to that guy, sincerely. 

Is he right? Is the earth FLAT? No. I think I could make a good case against many of his arguments, and I think I could also make a good case for the ball earth model and against the flat earth model, both based on observations. But right now that is neither here nor there. The point is,

I understood for a moment what it was like to be the people who leave me comments on social media.

Ironically, I think Flat Earthers and Evolutionists fall into the same problems. They have models which work only with a very narrow understanding of science and with only a certain select number of facts. Too much information or too much logical investigation unravels them both and you either have to admit that your model has flaws or just sink into name calling.

Name calling is actually very popular right now.

So to all of my evolutionary-minded readers and viewers, I feel your pain my friends! I understand what it is like to find yourself face to face with a scientific model which you cannot immediately disprove that flies in the face of everything you were taught in middle school. Once upon a time I believed the universe was billions of years old. I believed everything Carl Sagan taught about the Big Bang model. But then I heard the truth and I had the courage to look down the rabbit hole of science and discover a wonderland of truth! And you can too! Also, Carl Sagan is an evil Muppet. 

Maybe the universe doesn’t look the way you always thought it did, but let me tell you- the truth is a whole lot better than the comfortable lie. Be brave! Follow the evidence where it leads you! Keep asking good questions! And be brave enough to follow the evidence when it leads where it always leads- back to the Bible. 

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3 Responses to What I Learned from Flat Earthers

  1. RaPaR says:

    No comments necessary. Most atheists don’t suffer fools lightly. If I were your parents, I’d want my money for your education refunded immediately.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have no doubt that your comment was unnecessary, but I think what WAS necessary was reading the article. You clearly didn’t.
      So, thanks for stopping by to make yourself look stupid, but if you would like to say something meaningful in the future, I would strongly suggest you see what I had to say before you choose to run your mouth. But, you do you. After all, most atheists are fools. Who am I to reject tradition?


  2. Ha! I really value and appreciate many of the flat earthers I’ve encountered. I enjoy how they refuse to be shamed into silence and how they question the dominant narrative. Also, ironically many of them are actually doing “science,” where you set aside your preconceived notions, think critically, do experiments, and make observations. Today when people try to mock me by calling me a flat earther, I feel kind of honored.


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