Bogey-Man Atheists | Feedback Friday!

Welcome once again to Feedback Friday where I take actual replies from actual viewers and give actual answers with actual words! This comment is in response to this article where in I argue that the worldview of Atheism provides no foundation for believing that atheist parents are morally obligated to take care of their children- or anything else. The reader who chimed in, as you will see, entirely missed the point I was making and chooses to attack me for something I did not say:

Atheist don’t kill and eat their young, and for the most part hold all others in higher regard than Christians. Funny, the basis of your arguments are bogey man atheists and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just a small stat I ran into. .07% to .2% of US prisoners are atheist. Interesting. As far as caring for your young and other creatures Christians are the ones interested in dominating everything and subduing it. All the elements and organisms and life forms have an inherent struggle, a hope if you will to survive, to carry on another day. This includes propagating each species. It is a natural phenomenon that does not need a bible and a god to direct. I’ve read the accounts of Christians bullying their way all over the historical world forcing conversion or death. It is a system that breeds misery and guilt upon all who cross its path.

WOW. Did you get all of that? This is a common machine-gun style response where in our dear atheist friends assume that if they change the subject fast enough, we will be overwhelmed and simply toss our hands in the air and say, “Ugh, FINE. I guess there is no God! I’m going to go watch Netflix and never go to church again…”

But I replied: 

You seem to be missing the point. I didn’t SAY that all atheists kill and eat their young. But answer me this: WHY NOT?

Would it be EVIL?

The basis of my arguments are not some “bogey man atheists” as you claim here. The basis of my arguments are philosophical distinctions. I am making a philosophical argument ABOUT ATHEISM, not describing what I think ATHEISTS are like. If you read more carefully I think you would see this to be the case. You are arguing against points I NEVER made.

That’s called a Straw-man Fallacy.

Once again you claim a stat with no reference, which once again I reject without a resource to substantiate it, and once again I point out that it has NOTHING to do with the point I am making even if it was a substantiated fact. Read my posts again and you will never see me saying “People who claim to be Christians are BETTER PEOPLE and end up in jail LESS than people who claim to be Atheists.” And does your stat really show anything different than the population in general? Atheists are a tiny minority, and that is reflected in jail stats. OK. So what? Does this magically give Atheism an objective moral code?

No, it does not. So I don’t know why you would bother bringing it up.

Also, you have NOT “read the accounts of Christians bullying their way all over the historical world forcing conversion or death” because this is what ISLAM does, not Christianity. The Christian church has always grown under persecution. When it becomes established, and is given time to be rich and comfortable, it wilts, as its doing in Europe right now. What you have read is either the popular trend of blaming the church for what Islam does under the ridiculous idea that ALL religions are the same, and so the sins of one is the sins of ALL- or you have been reading internet fiction. And this: “Christians are the ones interested in dominating everything and subduing it” is mindless name calling which is not worth correcting. Don’t waste my time building arguments on bogey man Christians when you know it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

(That’s called a “Call Back.” See, because you said something like that above, and then you DID the very thing you accused me (Falsely) of, and then I quoted you back to you, only… well, you get it. “Call back”.)

But back to my point, from the worldview of atheism, were I to force you to profess faith in the church or be beheaded,

would that be EVIL?

Can an atheist claim ANYTHING is evil?
No. Atheism does not allow good or evil.
DO atheists call things good and evil?
YES, because they are not stupid enough to actually BE atheists.

My argument is based on the assumption that atheists are smarter and more moral than atheism.

Please read what I actually said before you go reacting to how you feel about what I said. It will make for a much better conversation.



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2 Responses to Bogey-Man Atheists | Feedback Friday!

  1. John Branyan says:

    Changing the subject is the primary tactic of atheist debate. They don’t have substance but they feel silly when they just sit and shrug.


    • This is the truth, JB. I’m finding more and more than they are EAGER to change the subject before you even get a chance to reply to their last question or accusation. I’m not sure if that’s so they can pretend that Christians have no answers (as they LOVE to say over and over) or if its because they already know their attacks are stupid and easily answered, but it is boring after a while. It’s so rare and refreshing to find one who actually listens to an answer.


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