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Trans-Racial Rights Are Being Denied!

A news article just came across my feed and I needed to share it with you. For context, Indigenous means American Indian, or Native American, or whatever term isn’t considered racist this week on Twitter. Emily Carr University is a … Continue reading

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I’m a Vegetarian! (A poem to make you think about the validity of a profession)

Whether it’s someone trying to convince me that Hitler claimed to be a Christian, or the media’s insistence that no terrorist on earth is an ACTUAL Muslim, men can be women if they FEEL like one, or “fake black NAACP … Continue reading

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Inwardly Fuel Efficient

The library has parking spaces which are marked as being reserved for fuel efficient vehicles. The physical facts are that I drive an old, gas guzzling Buick, but I self identify as a person who drives a Tesla- a very … Continue reading

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