Making Sense of Hate Speech

You may have heard the term “Hate speech” in the past couple of years. I know it was recently, because, when I was in college, nobody talked like that. Today, this is the term which means, “I disagree with that statement.” 

So why don’t people just say, “I disagree with that statement” instead of saying, “That’s HATE SPEECH!”? 

This is really simple. If a person confesses to disagreeing with a statement, then they will either have a REASON for disagreeing, or they will not. Let’s be honest- reasons are hard. They take work and thinking and logic and maybe even using Google for something other than checking email, cheating on homework, or keeping up with celebrity gossip.

Because you just KNOW if you tell someone you disagree with their stance on, say, how many genders there are (2), then THEY will turn around and say, “Why?”


Isn’t it enough that you expressed disagreement? Now you have to CARRY the conversation, like a dead yak on your shoulders across the frozen tundra of social discourse?

Forget that.

You don’t exactly know WHY you disagree, you just know that you HATE what they said. It makes you angry. Now, you can either do the mental introspection of deducing the flaw in their reasoning process and asserted conclusion, and then construct an argument which expresses the logical fallacy or false information in their statement,


you can take the clearly marked shortcut through the woods and deduce a flaw in their character.

Because if you HATE what they say with no reason, then there might be a flaw in your character. After all, what kind of person decides they hate something without even knowing WHY they hate it? Not you. That sounds like…

Like the person you are talking to. I’ll bet they do that ALL of the time.

Let’s face it, either THEY are wrong, or YOU are wrong, and there’s no way YOU are wrong. YOU are sincere and well intentioned. THEY have probably voted for Republicans on more than one occasion. Maybe even… TRUMP.

Obviously we can’t jump right into calling them a hateful person, even though, lets face it, they probably are. But labeling people is wrong. Labels are hurtful. So we can’t label the other person, even if they are a hateful, racist bigot. We’ll label their speech instead.

“That’s HATE SPEECH!” means, “I hate what you said, so it must be wrong! And by extension you are also a bad person, though I would never label you like that because labels are hurtful and I am a good person. Certainly a much better person than you are, you racist.”

Also, it’s worth noting that “Racist” no longer means, “Racist.” It’s this year’s “Bigot.” That didn’t mean anything either. It’s just a way of cussing at someone who makes you hate them without making it obvious that you are labeling them. After all, labels are wrong because they hurt people. Unless those people are racists spouting hate speech, like claiming there are only two genders, because then it’s ok. In fact, it’s probably ok to punch them in the face.

Just a reminder: Sarcasm is my spiritual gift.


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2 Responses to Making Sense of Hate Speech

  1. You are clever, witty, and devastatingly logical.
    Why aren’t you on TV?


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