The Dangers of Transgenderism

Transgenderism is when a man decides he is a woman, or when a woman decides she is a man. Today the kids on college campuses and all around the old internet are being taught that sex and gender are NOT the same thing- that SEX is biological, but GENDER is societal or personal or something like that. It’s actually REALLY difficult to get anyone to give a clear answer about these things.

And if it was just the acknowledgement that sometimes you feel like a man and some days you don’t, and some days you lay on the couch crying and watching the Notebook while eating strawberry cheesecake ice cream right from the carton trying not to even THINK of the cultural expectations for men back when your grandfather was your age because you know you would NEVER be able to meet them…

What was I saying? I think what I’m saying is that, if the conversation was just about how we feel about ourselves, then we would have something to think about. Something to talk about. Maybe even something we could all agree on, because, let’s face it, not a lot of men FEEL MANLY ALL OF THE TIME. But the way this issue is being treated and talked about is not in this manner. People are PUSHING for legal forms, like your driver’s licence, to be open to more than two genders. In Canada it is possible to change the gender on your own BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Now for the people advocating this, this is a matter of respecting people’s self identification. HOWEVER, there are two issues which immediately come to mind that makes me see this as a VERY DANGEROUS thing:

    1. Medicine. Men’s bodies and women’s bodies are NOT the same, and they need different kinds of care and sometimes different kinds of medicine. When someone’s gender is NOT correctly identified- and I mean according to their actual body and not their self perception- then they can fail to get the care they need or they can be given drugs which can harm them. If a doctor treats a man as a woman because the patient’s LEGAL gender is FEMALE, and the patient is harmed or killed because of it, or if a doctor fails to give preventative care- say the doctor never suggests a prostate exam because the patient is “FEMALE” but then the patient gets prostate cancer- is the doctor going to be held liable? Will doctors be considered negligent or guilty of malpractice if a patient is treated according to their LEGAL GENDER and comes to harm? It is possible.
    2. CSI. When the cops arrive at the scene of a grizzly double homicide and find the DNA of the killer, which is XY, they know their suspect is MALE. But if the killer is capable of changing his driver’s licence and BIRTH CERTIFICATE and any other legal documents, the search for the killer is HINDERED by this, making it harder to bring criminals to justice. Just imagine this loop hole being used by sex offenders and child predators.

You want respect? Sure, we all do. But forcing others to accept the lie you tell yourself might get you killed. Or help you get away with murder. Frankly, I’m not in favor of either.

Oh, MY Gender? I identify as “Vocal Binary” which means I only use the pronouns which match a person’s biological sex/gender. Asking me to do otherwise is not only disrespectful, it’s hate speech. I’m feeling triggered just thinking about it.

I’m going to lie down and eat some ice cream.


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2 Responses to The Dangers of Transgenderism

  1. Well said. You bring up very good point about medical care. Men and women can have very different symptoms when it comes to something like a heart attack. A woman for example can have severe wrist pain and that would concern us. It would not concern us in a man. That’s because women’s hearts are always in their hands! I jest about that last part, but the truth is that we are simply biologically different in many ways.


    • thanks. Frankly, all of this seems to obvious to me that i wonder why its even a conversation, except that it gives the democrats and other liberals a means by which to call the church hateful and intolerant.

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