The Return of Reasoning Child! Apathy powers ACTIVATE! | Feedback Friday!

Welcome again to Feedback Friday! Today sees the return of REASONING CHILD (cue catchy theme song) as he tries to take me to task for my position on Transgenderism which I wrote in this post. He said this:

You misrepresent both the justification for acceptance and the nature of DNA as it relates to gender.

This was his entire comment. I edited nothing out for brevity. So I replied to Reasoning Child’s alter ego, Danny.

Greetings once again, Danny! Thanks for your fragment of an idea insinuating an error on my part. If you would like to develop this comment into one with enough substance to respond to, I will enthusiastically read and reply to it.
And as always, thanks for reading.

i) I didn’t insinuate anything. I stated outright that you misrepresented the issues.

2) I couldn’t care less whether or not you reply.

And yes, he really numbered these points “i” and “2.” This time, I did edit out his further comments after point 2, the reason for which shall become obvious. Here is my reply:

Welcome back Danny boy, oh Danny boy, good to see you giving it the old college try.
1. (or rather, i) Yes you stated “outright that [I] misrepresented the issues.”

And then you failed to explain what that means, or offer any defense for it, meaning your comment was, in essence, empty name calling. That’s why I didn’t waste any time replying. In order to reply, I would have had to invent your meaning and hypothetical defense, and then refute it.

If I have to invent your side of the conversation, it’s not a conversation worth having for me. I can talk to myself about anything. I have a closet full of puppets just for that purpose.

In the future, either offer an explanation for your critiques and some intellectual defense of it, or don’t waste the time of the person whose blog you are reading. I often wonder why people like you leave comments like this.

Metaphorically, this is like driving by a total stranger and shouting “You’re fat and stupid!” out the window as you drive past. There’s almost no chance of them saying, “By golly, he’s right! I’m going to spend far more time at the gym and the library from now on!” Odds are they’ll flip you the bird.

I mean, why bother typing ANYTHING at all if you are going to say something which equates to nothing? You communicate a mouthful of disdain, but no rational argument against the points made, nor any defense of your own position. There’s no way you can be stupid enough to think I would read “you misrepresented the issues” and I would suddenly have a change of heart and retract everything I had said on the subject.

As I have said, your comment was akin to name calling- like “You’re a dumb fart-face!”  No one is stupid enough to look at that and go, “Oh! He made a good point just now.”

Let me offer you the useful and time consuming phrase I have invented for people like you. Just copy and paste this useful phrase into the comments of any of my blog posts or videos. It will convey the same information, and save us both lots of time. It goes like this,

“I don’t understand what you are saying, but you are wrong and I hate you.”

Think of the time you will save! And speaking of saving time…

2. “I couldn’t care less whether or not you reply”.. And yet, here you are again. I must admit this leaves me confused. If you don’t care if I reply, then why did you not only leave the original comment, but then this follow up comment of such length and detail? Hang on, let me read what you said again, just to be sure…

“I couldn’t care less whether or not you reply.”

Wow. Here I was all prepared to interact with the ideas you presented, but then, your second point is that you don’t care if I reply or not. Shucks, that will save me a LOT of time. I guess, since you don’t care if I reply or not, I’ll just borrow from the styles you presented in your first response and say, “You’re wrong about EVERYTHING you said here. This is all a straw man, pile of lies which shows your bigotry and ignorance.”
That ought to do it.

I really appreciate you leading with your complete apathy. Imagine how much time I may have spent replying to all of this nonsense if you hadn’t! Thanks Danny.
Of course if you really DO want me to interact with your ideas, let me know. I’ll try to find the time. You let me know.

And have a good day.

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