The Trick to Transgender: Baseball!

According to Google, Transgender means “denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.” Nothing like a web based dictionary to clear things up, eh?

I would like to reject this definition out of hand based on the fact that I don’t care for ANY professional sports, and I greatly enjoy musical theatre, which means, on this definition, since I don’t conform unambiguously to conventions of male, I am Transgender. I choose not to self-identify as Transgender, whatever the internet might say.

In short, I think we all get that a Transgender person is a man who self identifies as a woman, or a woman who self-identifies as a man. Now, the social justice warriors demand that we take a person’s self-identity as legitimate and treat them how they self-identify, and not how we might see them based on biology. Their justification for this demand is that, according to their worldview, gender is something you choose not something we are born with.

On one level this sounds all open minded and giving a care (or something like that), but it seems to me that the whole concept gives away the game almost immediately as soon as you give it any thought. Seriously- just forget all of the social media bumper stickers and consider what is meant by Transgender. Just consider what is meant by it.

Imagine a woman who dresses like a woman and who thinks of herself as a woman. Is she Transgender? No, of course not. No one would say she is.

Now, consider a man who dresses like a man and who thinks of himself as a man. Is he transgender? No, of course not. Unless he is me, apparently. Stupid internet dictionary. Grumble grumble…

Now, consider a man who dresses like a woman because he feels that, whatever his biology, he is, inside, a woman. Is this person Transgender? Yes. But, WHY is this person Transgender when the other two were not?


A woman dressed as a woman is not Transgender. Why not? BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN. Do you see what the word Transgender gives away? It implies in its very USE the fact that MEN are NOT WOMEN. Inherent in the use of the word is the belief that men and women are DIFFERENT GENDERS. The ONLY reason you identify someone as Transgender is because they are acting/dressing/self-identifying as one gender, but you KNOW THEY ARE THE OPPOSITE GENDER.

If someone thought that gender really WAS something we choose and not something REAL, then we would just call that guy a woman. The word “Transgender” would not have been invented, and it would not be used.

Think about baseball. The team you root for is fairly arbitrary. There may be some connection to your family, or where you grew up, or where you live now, but the fact is, you are fan of whatever team you decide you are a fan. Even if you live on the North side of Chicago, if you root for the White Sox, no one says of you that you REALLY are a Cubs fan, but you self-identify as a Sox fan. There is no TransFanism. If you choose to be a White Sox fan, it doesn’t matter if you live on the moon. You get to choose what team you root for, because there is nothing in Nature which decides that for you.

But when you are born, you are born with some chromosomes and anatomical parts which are themselves very unambiguous. It’s a binary system- either tab A or slot B, but not neither, and not both, and there is nothing in the middle. It’s in your DNA before it’s expressed in anatomy or behaviors or feelings. Your DNA is male or female before you even HAVE anatomy or behaviors or feelings.

The very fact that we identify these people as “Transgender” shows that, whatever we profess, we all KNOW that gender is a real thing determined before we are born, and these people are the gender they were born. In calling them Transgender, we are acknowledging this to be a fact. Their gender is not their choice, it is decided by the DNA had from the moment they were first conceived. My love for musical theatre? That could be nature, nurture, or some combination. I’ll admit that I’m a little ambiguous about that. It may not be in my DNA, but it is in my soul.

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7 Responses to The Trick to Transgender: Baseball!

  1. You misrepresent both the justification for acceptance and the nature of DNA as it relates to gender.


    • Greetings once again, Danny! Thanks for your fragment of an idea insinuating an error on my part. If you would like to develop this comment into one with enough substance to respond to, I will enthusiastically read and reply to it.
      And as always, thanks for reading.


      • i) I didn’t insinuate anything. I stated outright that you misrepresented the issues.

        2) I couldn’t care less whether or not you reply.

        3) You represent the case for transgendered people as claim that people can simply choose their gender. The argument for acceptance of transgendered identity is consistently rooted in notions that the identity of the individuals in question is fundamentally out of sink with their biological characteristics. This is NOT an argument from choice. You may disagree with the premise that a biological man could grow up feeling like a woman, or that those feelings would provide a worthy rational for gender transformation, but in this case you simply aren’t disputing the actual case for transgendered acceptance. Your decision to treat it as an argument from choice represents either extreme ignorance of the issue or willful misrepresentation. Either way it reflects poorly on your ethics.

        4) Your account of DNA is equivocal. X and Y chromosomes may be binary code, but the actual combination of X and Y chromosomes is subject to variation, and some of that variation does render gender ambiguous (to say nothing of the difference between genotype and phenotype). So, your effort to suggest that actual gender is binary and fixed in our DNA rests on a willful oversimplification of the issues.

        5) Your argument that the very word transgendered assumes we know what someone’s real gender is rests on convenient word choice. It’s standard to speak of a difference between someone’s biological sex and their socially constructed identity. You may not wish to make such a distinction, but the people advocating for acceptance of transgendered identity do. It’s deceitful to ignore that altogether and simply proclaim that the word implies an underlying knowledge of what people REALLY are. It’s just begging the question. You aren’t actually addressing the case for acceptance of transgendered people.

        There it is. In short, you have made no effort whatsoever to address the issue. You hauled out a pathetic definition just so you could build a straw man argument and kick it down with a word game. These are sophomoric antics at best, and the sad part is you are doing it on a subject of deep significance to others. That you cannot show the slightest respect to transgendered people is one thing. There is nothing to be done about your basic lack of decency. But let’s be clear, it nothing to do with faith. You don’t treat people like this because of Jesus. He is no more than an excuse you give yourself to treat others with contempt they haven’t earned.


      • Welcome back Danny boy, oh Danny boy, good to see you giving it the old college try.
        1. Yes you stated “outright that [I] misrepresented the issues.” And then you failed to explain what that means, or offer any defense for it, meaning your comment was, in essence, empty name calling. That’s why I didn’t waste any time replying. In order to reply, I would have had to invent your meaning and hypothetical defense, and then refute it. If I have to invent your side of the conversation, it’s not a conversation worth having for me. I can talk to myself about anything. I have a closet full of puppets just for that purpose.

        In the future, either offer an explanation for your critiques and some intellectual defense of it, or don’t waste the time of the person whose blog you are reading. I often wonder why people like you leave comments like this. Metaphorically, this is like driving by a total stranger and shouting “You’re fat and stupid!” out the window as you drive past. There’s almost no chance of them saying, “By golly, he’s right! I’m going to spend far more time at the gym and the library from now on!” Odds are they’ll flip you the bird.
        I mean, why bother typing ANYTHING at all if you are going to say something which equates to nothing? You communicate a mouthful of disdain, but no rational argument against the points made, nor any defense of your own position. There’s no way you can be stupid enough to think I would read “you misrepresented the issues” and I would suddenly have a change of heart and retract everything I had said on the subject. As I have said, your comment was akin to name calling, like “You’re a dumb fart-face!” walked in the room wearing a name tag that reads “Hello, my name is Socrates.” No one is stupid enough to look at that and go, “Oh! He made a good point just now.”
        Let me offer you the useful and time consuming phrase I have invented for people like you. Just copy and paste this useful phrase into the comments of any of my blog posts or videos. It will convey the same information, and save us both lots of time. It goes like this, “I don’t understand what you are saying, but you are wrong and I hate you.”
        Think of the time you will save! And speaking of saving time…

        2. And yet, here you are again. I must admit this leaves me confused. If you don’t care if I reply, then why did you not only leave the original comment, but then this follow up comment of such length and detail? Hang on, let me read what you said again, just to be sure…
        “I couldn’t care less whether or not you reply.”
        Wow. Here I was all prepared to interact with the ideas you presented, but then, your second point is that you don’t care if I reply or not. Shucks, that will save me a LOT of time. I guess, since you don’t care if I reply or not, I’ll just borrow from the styles you presented in your first response and say, “You’re wrong about EVERYTHING you said here. This is all a straw man, pile of lies which shows your bigotry and ignorance.”
        That ought to do it.

        I really appreciate you leading with your complete apathy. Imagine how much time I may have spent replying to all of this nonsense if you hadn’t! Thanks Danny.
        Of course if you really DO want me to interact with your ideas, let me know. I’ll try to find the time. You let me know.
        And have a good day.


      • You are, as usual, completely faking it.


      • OH! Wow. that is a good point that I had not considered. You could not be more right.
        In this light, I guess I can see I was wrong about everything. I’ll be taking down my blog and all of my videos at the earliest opportunity. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Danny.
        Man, do I feel like an idiot. I feel like I owe the whole world an apology.


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