The Revenge of Reasoning Child! | Feedback Friday!

Welcome again to Feedback Friday! This installment follows the last as a faithful reader named “Danny” was outraged that I had defined “Atheist” to mean “Atheist.” In this post he continued to try and explain to me why I was an idiot. 

Adopting one definition does not mean, as you assert that we cannot also use others.

As before, this was his ENTIRE comment. To which I replied: 

I did not assert that.
Straw man!
(This logical fallacy is brought to you by The Logical Fallacy of the Month)

And he retorted:

You should watch your own videos. You might be surprised at what they contain.

“My problem with this is not only that they wish to change the definition of a word so that it no longer means what it’s meant for the past 3,000 years, but that means we can no longer use that word to refer to the people we have always referred to with that word.”

This was the entire comment. He quoted me and then said nothing more about it. So I said:

Watch my own videos? Forget that. I’m not wasting my time on those after I’ve read all of your comments about them.

I’m gonna see what’s new on Netflix.

And nice quote there. Who said that? Because that guy is RIGHT on the money. For real! What are we supposed to call Atheists if atheist now means agnostic?
I’d subscribe to that guy’s channel. Right on.

While I’m not entirely sure he even read what I said, Danny replied again:

Your ability even the most obvious point is duly noted. Goodbye.

And I replied:

Thanks Danny, your ability even the most obvious proof reading your own comments is dooly noted too. BYE!

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