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The Reason Atheists Troll Christians

Since starting my apologetics blogs about a decade ago, I have noticed a strange thing. Persons claiming to be Atheists will show up in my comments sections, saying horrible things- telling me I’m an idiot, calling me a liar, etc. … Continue reading

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I admit that modern art isn’t that good…

In reply to: https://abitoforange.com/2018/01/08/modern-art-sucks-because-atheism-is-stupid/ Your point is extremely flawed. Art doesn’t come from God, it comes from imagination. Now I admit that modern art isn’t that good, but I’m not in any position to critique anyone’s art style, and neither are … Continue reading

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Proof that Atheists aren’t 100% Insane! (Maybe!)

I never thought the day would come, but I have found a ‘unicorn’ which I guess I had assumed did not exist because, in my 40+ years in the Christian church, Christian pop culture, and general Christian book store musings, … Continue reading

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Big Words and Other Cute Arguments from Atheists

https://abitoforange.com/2018/03/05/actually-atheists-you-do-have-the-burden-of-proof/ You know, it is highly unlikely, that there will be any cosmologists or astrophysicist ruminating this post. I’m guessing they weren’t your target audience. Here, you are making a specious agreement and displaying, for all the world to see, … Continue reading

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Bogey-Man Atheists | Feedback Friday!

Welcome once again to Feedback Friday where I take actual replies from actual viewers and give actual answers with actual words! This comment is in response to this article where in I argue that the worldview of Atheism provides no … Continue reading

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I don’t have to prove ANYTHING! | Feedback Friday!

Welcome my friends to Feedback Friday*! Today’s comment is one of those which is intended to remind me that, when I write articles about how ridiculous and indefensible atheism is, I don’t have to make stuff up. I didn’t link … Continue reading

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The Return of Reasoning Child! Apathy powers ACTIVATE! | Feedback Friday!

Welcome again to Feedback Friday! Today sees the return of REASONING CHILD (cue catchy theme song) as he tries to take me to task for my position on Transgenderism which I wrote in this post. He said this: You misrepresent … Continue reading

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