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FREE BOOK! The Socratic Ducky

This book takes a rubber duck level look at the kind of philosophy it takes to understand the Christian Worldview. If you can understand a rubber duck, you can understand why you can be certain that the Bible is true … Continue reading

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NEW BOOK! Evolution 101

Come with us into a world of Evo-Believers whose faith far outweighs their facts, and a team of PhD’s who have dedicated themselves to Darwinism when in fact they can’t even clearly tell you what it is. Welcome to Evolution … Continue reading

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Read “Answering Atheism” FOR FREE!!!

Atheism seems so complex that even the Atheists on the internet seem to have no idea what it is. Despite their seeming limitless ignorance, those same internet Atheists have a LOT to say about… well, absolutely everything. How is one … Continue reading

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Read “Proof of God” FOR FREE!

Of course, you can believe in God with no reasons, but if you want to know why God exists and the Bible can be trusted, then this book has a lot to offer you! Proof of God shows arguments and … Continue reading

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Read “The Socratic Ducky” FOR FREE!!!

Ever wanted to learn or teach Biblical Apologetics but didn’t know where to start? Start with a Rubber Duck! Our book, The Socratic Ducky, is a fun, entertaining, entry-level look at the philosophy, theology, and apologetics it takes to make … Continue reading

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