The WOKE Left is Racist Because of Darwin

The Left make a collection of foundational errors in their dealing with race related issues. Let’s look at a few:

1. They do not treat all races as equal.

Their responses are tailored to the race of the apparently offended party, and the race of the apparent offender. Just as an example, communist and domestic terrorist organization “Black Lives Matter” and the many woke, Leftist media outlets who supported their “mostly peaceful protests” never gave a flip on earth about any black-on-black violence. They never spoke out against it, and instead worked loudly to shut down conversation about it. The ONLY lives that mattered to them was the black lives killed by white cops. And CERTAINLY not the 19 MILLION black babies murdered via legal Abortions- a number so staggering that it would FILL the city of CHICAGO more than TWICE. But the genocide of two Chicago-sized cities of black children didn’t find a single BLM bumper-sticker or moment on CNN.

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on live television, no one decried this as an act of violence against a black man. They made memes about it. The left doesn’t care about violence against black people. They only want to constantly tell us that there is violence against them from WHITE people, but again only if those white people are heterosexual, cis gendered, Trump supporters. I mean, the KKK was literally a Democrat/anti-Republican organization, and the Left wants to pretend that didn’t happen.

2. Woke Political Correctness always Assumes White People are FUNDAMENTALLY Different than non-Whites.

Something I hate about Black history Month (the shortest month of the year- a clear racist microaggression) is the insistence that there is this mythical “Black Community” full of “black people” with their shared “black experiences” and stories told with their “black voices,” etc. The subtext is that, being black makes you somehow THE SAME (even if some of those other black persons are incarcerated drug addicts and others are world famous brain surgeons) and at the same time DIFFERENT from every and all WHITE persons (even if you share location, socioeconomic status, faith, hobbies and interests, and a collection of more Star Wars toys than a grown man should reasonably have). The woke left DEFINES Black Americans by their “blackness.”

An article written by a woke educator, called

“Dear White Teachers: “You Can’t Love Your Black Students If You Don’t Know Them
Why loving “all” students isn’t good enough”

For Black and Brown children in the United States, a major part of their schooling experience is associated with White female teachers who have no understanding of their culture.

I do not think White teachers enter the profession wanting to harm children of color, but they will hurt a child whose culture is viewed as an afterthought.

The first thing assumed by the Left is that Black and Brown persons are NOT THE SAME as White persons. They are DIFFERENT. And those differences are NOT an “afterthought. They are FOUNDATIONAL to who those persons are.

If I can make an aside for just a second- is this what Martin Luther King Jr taught, or what the KKK taught? Might be worth thinking about.

“Yes,” you might be saying, “but she is talking about white American teachers with black and brown American students. She must mean Spanish speaking kids- children of new immigrants. Surely she doesn’t mean that people growing up and living in the same communities and socioeconomic status are so different that a teacher should be told she can’t just love all of her students the same?”

You racist. Those black kids are NOT part of your community merely because they live in the same neighborhood, attend your church, and watch the same disappointing Disney + Marvel shows staring female leads. THEY are part of THE BLACK COMMUNITY, which is NOT part of YOUR community. It’s different. Why, just consider the words of the most popular president ever elected:

“And by the way, what you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African American communitythe Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

Biden said this to a panel of journalists at the National Association of Black Journalists-National Association of Hispanic Journalists 2020 virtual convention. Remember when all of those journalists called trump a racist? Trump never said anything like this.

But then, Biden is the same man who said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Of course the White house spin is that Biden didn’t MEAN that all black people are the same when he said Latinos are different than blacks because they’re not all the same. But this is the same man who essentially said that voting for Democrats is so EXPECTED of black voters that a person who votes for Trump isn’t even a black person. The left assumes that this “Black Community” exists, with shared “Black experiences” which makes up “their culture.” And one of those common shared experiences which ALL black people share – according to the woke Left- is being the victim of racist violence.

I’ve damaged my brain going down a rabbit hole of leftist articles which teach that children NEED TO BE TAUGHT about RACE and RACISM starting in Preschool. Now just consider what this really means. At the same time that Elmo is introducing these kids to the ABC’s, they should also be learning that THEY are BLACK and that WHITE PEOPLE, especially the police HATE THEM AND WANT THEM DEAD- even if they don’t know it. “Elmo loves you! But the cops are going to hunt you down and kill you just for being black!”

Imagine the psychological damage this will do to those kids. This is a TERRIBLE form of child abuse. And these articles, while insisting that we teach them that it’s WRONG for police to abuse people because of their race NEVER EVEN SUGGESTS that there are police that don’t do that. It apparently NEVER crossed the minds of the authors that they tell these kids that NOT ALL COPS are white supremacist killers who want them dead.

You want to know why kids go insane and join antifa? This is why.

3. The Woke Left ASSUMES White-Supremacy

One of the things I hate most about the Woke Left’s alleged “Anti-Racist” ideology, is that it always assumes the superiority of white persons and the inferior, animalistic tendencies of black persons. White Leftist teachers have taken to TikTok to explain how asking black students to sit still and pay attention is RACIST because it’s demanding they “act white.” But the woke left thinks almost everything that constitutes modern education is also racist, including the methods by which colleges decide who is qualified to be a student there, or the ways in which states determine the effectiveness of their schools.

But not only does the left think school is for white people, they think science is too! I have a whole article about this here, but here’s the summary:

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture unveiled guidelines for talking about race. A graphic displayed in the guidelines, entitled “Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness in the United States,” declares that rational thinking and hard work, among others, are white values.

In the section, Smithsonian declares that “objective, rational, linear thinking,” “quantitative emphasis,” “hard work before play,” and various other values are aspects and assumptions of whiteness. I mean, just LOOK at this list of WHITENESS! It’s like, anything that makes civilization different from a herd of guinea pigs is something native to WHITE PEOPLE! Even science! Check it out- “Objective, rational linear thinking” is a WHITE thing!

I have to admit, without the good Woke Leftist Democrats at the National Museum of African American History & Culture, I never would have thought that the scientific method was a White thing. I mean, imagine how silly George Washington Carver would have felt if he had known that! That poor guy was doing chemistry and inventing, all the while committing the sin of cultural appropriation and, I don’t know, rejecting his blackness or something. Either way, we better start tearing down any and all statues depicting him immediately.

Didn’t George Washington Carver invent peanut butter? Is that why PB&J is racist? I need to look into that.

The Woke left assumes that “Black Culture” is the uneducated, violent, promiscuous, immature, red-neck prison culture made popular in the worst of rap music. Once again, poor George Washington Carver had no idea how un-black he was. The guy wore a lab coat and taught science classes for heaven’s sake. I’ll bet he never even popped a cap in anyone, or smoked crack. Didn’t you know crack is a part of black culture? MTVs own Laci Green once put out a video explaining that the law is RACIST because Crack dealers are punished more harshly than Cocaine dealers, and crack dealers are mainly selling to black neighborhoods. So, making the laws tougher on the drug dealers who target black neighborhoods is… anti-black? I would think that a black-hating racist would WANT the drugs to flood black streets, but I’m not woke enough to understand black culture, apparently. When I asked the guy who sent me Laci’s video to explain this to me, he called me a “bully” and cussed me out.

Also, I think if you start mandatory drug testing on the politicians in those cities, you’ll figure out why cocaine is treated less harshly.

4. The Woke Left Assumes RACE to be a real thing

This is the foundational lie on which the woke left has built their whole asinine system. I can’t say it any better than Voddie Baucham, so just take a minute and watch this:

“Race” is not a real category. It means “species” and it comes from the evolutionary psudo-science that teaches that African apes evolved into African men, some of whom evolved into other, less brown men, until finally “white” Europeans evolved. Darwin himself said that the evolutionary distance between the Europeans and the Africans is the same as that between the Africans and the orangutan.

Evolution is the creation mythology of Atheism, and “Race” is the division of the HUMAN RACE into different evolutionary species. That’s what the word means, that’s where it came from, and that’s why it carries with it this baggage of woke white supremacy. In 1906 a black African man was put on display in the Bronx Zoo. The New York Times objected to the suggestion that he be taken out of the zoo and put into a school, saying that it would be a waste of time to try and teach him to read, and they also assumed that he wouldn’t want to try. They objected in the name of Evolutionary science. They were “Woke” and claiming to “just follow the science.”

The truth is, there is ONE HUMAN RACE. We are one species, one family, and all made in the image of God. These imagined “races” are not real. They are evolutionary fabrications which put people into different species based on the most superficial, surface differences. There is no difference in the mental or moral capability of any people group on earth. We are all merely HUMAN.

But having been founded on Atheism, the Woke Left can’t imagine treating black people as actually merely human, because their world view doesn’t believe that they are. To the woke left, the black and brown and Jewish people are less evolved species of primate, and they find it offensive to assume that those species should be held to the same standards as the most evolved, white race. You don’t expect a guinea pig to learn how to read, and you can’t expect a member of the black race to act and think in the manner capable of the white race. Somehow they have convinced themselves that this is anti-racist.

It’s time to abandon evolution, turn our back on racism even when it’s sold under the label of anti-racism, and start accepting the fact that there is ONLY ONE RACE: The HUMAN race. As long as we keep accepting the foundational lie that human is a collection of differently evolved species, fools will build other, more terrible lies on top of it until Elmo is teaching kids how to run away from the terror known as the C-O-P-S. And to all of those teachers out there, you can and should love all of your students the same, because, in the only way that really matters, they are the same. They are human, and Jesus loves them, just as He loves you.

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