Witchcraft in the West?!?!?

How are Satanic rituals creeping into our lives without us even realizing it? Are we innocently allowing our children to be influenced by Satanic rituals with games, television, and movies?

Witchcraft is a subject about which I would just as soon stay ignorant. However, its prevalence is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the world, enticing people with promises of knowledge and power. You need to be informed about what is happening with witchcraft in our world today.

Join Eric Hovind and Bodie Hodge for a look at the background and current state of Witchcraft in the West.

And look for LOTS of other great content at https://www.youtube.com/user/creationtoday

Or over at https://creationtoday.org/

And happy Halloween!

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1 Response to Witchcraft in the West?!?!?

  1. jsneese62 says:

    It was never a subject I ever wanted anything to do with, but was introduced to it pretty young. I now seek out information, but from people in the Christian field like Pastor Billy Crone he came out of the occult. He has many studies on his website getalifemedia.com. The great thing is he does not copyright his work and encourages people to freely share it.
    I would recommend that you check him because he goes in to great depth and also has studies in other things like AI. In his studies he also talks about how the occult has been infiltrating churches for decades and destroying them from the inside out. We can see today that there are churches that boldly have things like mediums, crystals, ouija boards, tarot cards, and yoga. If you placed a Charismatic speaking in tongues and one who practices Kundalini next to each other they would look the same except for how they dress.


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