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The Devil Made a Power Point Presentation | Feedback Friday!

Welcome once again to Feedback Friday! Dennis was one of my first return commenters, and here he is replying to a theory I have about the Flood proving the earth to be round. Asking if the Bible teaches a flat … Continue reading

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Proof of God 3: Tological Argument: ON!

Have you ever tried to get to the top of a tall tree by digging a really, really deep hole? If so, you have some idea what it’s like to be a Roach Clown. By trying to set the bar … Continue reading

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10 (non)Commandments of Atheism #3 and 4- Ghosts in the Machine

Once again we are looking at the 10 (non) commandments of Atheism as compiled from the helpful suggestions of nearly 3,000 atheists from more than a dozen countries. There are no Atheist organizations working in the name of atheism for … Continue reading

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Setting the Poor on Fire for Sport | Feedback Friday!

Welcome to feedback Friday where in I reply to the good people who read my blog (And sometimes to people who just PRETEND that they’ve read it).  Today’s comment is in response to my declaration that we all KNOW that … Continue reading

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Proof of God 2: Sleeping Through Math Class

Today we’re going to dust off the cobwebs of our minds and try to remember way back to our various math classes. Remember how the cover of the book always looked like the jacket for some Atari racing game or … Continue reading

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