10 (non)Commandments of Atheism #3 and 4- Ghosts in the Machine

Once again we are looking at the 10 (non) commandments of Atheism as compiled from the helpful suggestions of nearly 3,000 atheists from more than a dozen countries. There are no Atheist organizations working in the name of atheism for peace, or an end to poverty, but when it comes to supplanting the word of God via the internet, those guys come crawling out of the woodwork like roaches. I picture them like tiny, angry roaches dressed like clowns. The following should help you to see why.

The 10 (non) commandments of Atheism
# 3. The scientific method is the most reliable way of understanding the natural world.

Since I am a young earth Creationist who takes the Bible seriously, I think I can speak for the many other like-minded Christians around the world about this particular statement when I say, “Yeah. Duh.”

Right now there are a hundred clown roaches throwing full wine bottles at their computer screens screaming, “HE CAN’T DO THAT! He’s supposed to reject science and just believe the voo-doo in the Bible!”

But this only goes to show the lack of attention these little guys give to details- details like what particular words are used to make up a particular sentence. Or what the Bible says. Or what science is. The list is long.

First, and most importantly, let’s note that the above says, “The Natural World.” This is the world of matter, energy, time, and space. If you know anything about the history of Western Culture, you know it was Bible believing Christians like Pascal, Newton, and Pasteur who invented the sciences to do just this. Some have likened the natural world to a machine, and science to the study of that machine and it’s parts. I’m good with this. I don’t know of any Christian or Creationist who isn’t. In fact, if you combine that with the above tidbit about the history of science, then #2 here is nearly 3,000 atheists basically saying, “Those Christians are completely right about this!”

You know guys, you’re only damaging your own computer screens and wasting wine when you do that. Now, stop it.

The leap of stupid which many will try to make off of this starting point is this: “Because the material universe is like a machine which can be studied for it’s parts and their function, it had no designer, and there is no supernatural/immaterial anything.”

If you can’t see why this is stupid, then just replace the material universe with any actual machine. “Because we can study the Model T Ford to learn about its parts and their functions, there was almost certainly no Henry Ford.”

If you still can’t see why this is stupid, then just go back to throwing full wine bottles at your computer screen and try not to worry about it.

Christians do not think the Bible is a better way to understand the material world around us than science. We think the Bible is the foundation for building the sciences, such as chemistry, physics, astronomy and geology- which is why Bible Believing Christians built those sciences.

We believe that the Bible can answer questions which science alone cannot. For instance, science can discover the physical laws which govern the universe, but the Bible tells us the identity of the law giver who wrote those laws. Science tells us the universe cannot be infinite in age, but the Bible tells us when and why the universe came into being. The Bible tells us that an infinitely powerful God, Himself eternal and uncreated, brought the universe into being, complete with the many organized laws which governs it, all of which are necessary for our existence.

Atheism says, “First there was nothing, and then it exploded, and by HAPPY CHANCE it exploded into this organized universe which is so AMAZINGLY FINE TUNED for our existence that it sure looks like SOMEONE has been monkeying with the physics*, but we have faith that no one has. Just Dumb Lucky!” And then they claim to be the faith of “Reason.”

Maybe I’ve been hasty in assuming those wine bottles are full…

The 10 (non) commandments of Atheism
# 4. Every person has the right to control of their body.

Here is where our wine saturated roach clown friends are wishing REALLY HARD that they were Christians or Jews. Every PERSON has the RIGHT to control THEIR BODY!

Just a few problems.

First, why? On what grounds do that suggest that everyone has this right? This is the sort of thing liberal politicians love to throw out in a vacuum as if this is self-evident. What do they mean by “right”? This “Right” is certainly not a description of the material universe as discovered through science. What kind of control? And by what right do we claim ownership of our bodies? Merely by possession of them? We used to hold these truths as self evident- that all men were CREATED equal. But, if we’re just brute matter organized by accident into organic machines, what sense does ANY of this make?

Also, does this give me the understood right to control my body so that it steals, rapes, and kills? Surely when people commit crimes against each other, they were in control of their own bodies at the time. Does this mean the atheists are all in support of the crimes you KNOWINGLY commit, and are only in objection to the ones you commit when some alien will is controlling you, such as on ANY science fiction TV show made since 1950? This seems to open more questions than it answers.

The obvious applications they wish to make are in terms of sexuality and abortion. The hypocrisy always comes in when they add amendments such as “Consensual sex” or abortion “On Demand (insinuating the demand is that of the mother).”

Why does the sex have to be consensual? Or even with another member of the same species? Does this right to control his own body give a man the freedom to rape pandas? A man who raped a panda would probably not argue “I was not in control of my body at the time!” though he may try to blame alcohol. What, on Atheism, would support the demand that all our acts be consensual? The clown roaches rarely ever even try to answer this question, let alone do they with any coherence. Sometimes they flat out admit that there is no atheistic reason NOT to rape or kill. Honesty isn’t always comforting.

I won’t even address the obvious hypocrisy of abortion on demand being ONLY the demand of the mother. The problem with trying to use this (non) commandment to defend abortion is the fact that it is impossible to defend the idea that an unborn child is PART of the mother’s body. I know this has been a part of the “Pro-Choice/Infanticide” camp propaganda for 30 years, but seriously, ask yourself, WHAT part of the mother is a fetus? Is it part of her skeletal system? Her muscular system? No, on all accounts. Does it have the same DNA as the rest of her cells? Not it does not. Her own immune system recognizes the fetus as a foreign body and NOT a part of her own. It doesn’t take better than a 5th grade human anatomy education to see that a baby is NOT part of the mother’s body any more than the bus full of Japanese commuters is PART of Godzilla while he’s in the act of swallowing the bus they are on. Imagine the scene:

Young Hayato just watched his family be eaten by Godzilla as the bus they were on is consumed.

He runs to Shinzō Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan:

Hayato: Prime Minister! You must destroy Godzilla! He has murdered my family!

Abe: Murdered, did you say?

Hayato: Yes! He devoured the bus they were on!

Abe: Was he in control of his body at the time?

Hayato: I would assume so. After all, it is his right.

Abe: And right now the passengers on the bus are all inside of Godzilla, and are being digested?

Hayato: Yes! Godzilla has murdered them!

Abe: But surely that it not so. They are all inside of him, and thus they are part of his body. We cannot destroy Godzilla for digesting parts of his own body any more than we can arrest you for eating your own boogers.

Hayato: Godzilla has murdered my entire family! He must be destroyed!

Abe: Do not be such a close minded bigot. He has merely exercised his right to choose. He has chosen digestion, and as I have already said, the things inside him must obviously be part of his own body by the fact that they are inside him.

Hayato: Being inside of a larger body does not, by that fact, make anything or anyone part of that larger body. To be part of the larger body they must be made of the same substance- otherwise the fact that they were inside the bus would make them literally public transportation. None of my family share DNA with Godzilla, and even the comparison of a single cell from each would show that they are not one and the same. We have learned all of this and more in my 5th grade human anatomy class!

Abe: I can surely praise our fine public school systems for their efficiency, but you have obviously been brain washed by Rush Limbaugh, the American dictator of the Republicans. Be gone Child!

And CNN will have a pole asking their viewers if Hayato is a close minded bigot, or if he should be burned at the stake.

We’re nearly half way through the 10 (non) commandments. Fill up those $3 wine bottles, slap some duck tape onto your computer screens, and join us next time for more. And as always, remember #JesusLovesYou

See the complete list of 10 on Ken Ham’s blog here:


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2 Responses to 10 (non)Commandments of Atheism #3 and 4- Ghosts in the Machine

  1. John Branyan says:

    An atheist offered me this list of commandments last week. I foolishly thought he composed it himself. That would have required thought and effort so I should have known better.

    I pointed out that almost half of the “commands” aren’t commands but statements. Both of the things you discussed today are examples of this.

    The fool says there is no God.
    Everything a fool says is foolish.


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