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Modern Art Sucks Because Atheism is Stupid

When I was in college learning to be an Art Teacher, we were taught that one of the components of a good art unit, along with art history (Where did art come from?) and art production (How do you make … Continue reading

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Science is a Belief System

Science is based on observation. We see things happening again and again and eventually come to believe that they’ve always been that way and will always be that way. When we decide that a certain action or reaction happens consistently … Continue reading

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Where an Atheist MUST put their Faith!

I had an atheist write in to tell me that “Atheism requires no faith and is not a worldview.” He argued that an atheist is a person who believes that the claim that there IS a God is “unsupported by … Continue reading

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There Are Only a Dozen Atheist on the Internet- and they are Professionals

I was watching most recent episode of Louder with Crowder in which they start the show talking about the historical fact that Jesus truly existed. I scrolled down to the comments and I saw one of the angry hostile atheist … Continue reading

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The Evidence for Atheism is: Ignorance

In the past I have said that there is NO ARGUMENT that can be made for atheism, and that no evidence exists which can be used as evidence FOR atheism. Well, thanks to the many conversations I have had on … Continue reading

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