Why It’s Ok to Hate Reva

Reva Sevander (also known as the Third Sister) is an Imperial Inquisitor who appears in the Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi (on Disney Plus). She is played by Moses Ingram, and according to Wookipedia, her character is one of only two humans to be Inquisitors. In case you haven’t followed the Star Wars post-Clone Wars/Pre-Rebellion lore, the Inquisitors were servants of the Empire who hunted Jedi after the rise of the Empire.

If you need to ask what Jedi are, you might as well stop reading this article. In fact, you might as well just unsubscribe, because a LOT of things I say won’t make ANY sense to you. I always say that you can’t teach anything without referencing Star Wars or Batman. And that is how I do.

Moses! Let my Jedi GO!

So there was a lot of mixed hype about this series, but the drama started when the promotional material made it look like Obi Wan was going to be a side character in his own show, second banana to The Third Sister, played by a black woman. Apparently the drama got so intense that some people started to send hateful comments to Moses Ingram on social media, including RACIST comments.


According to Newsweek, Moses Ingram shared screenshots of the messages she’s received in her Instagram inbox since joining the franchise. Some of the hateful comments included: “You’re days are numbered [sic]” and “You suck loser. You’re a diversity hire and you won’t be loved or remembered for this acting role.”

The article goes on to report that Ingram said, “Long story short, there are hundreds of those, hundreds.”

According to CNN, Ingram posted multiple examples of racist messages and comments on Instagram, noting that she has received hundreds of messages, some of which included the N-word. CNN doesn’t say what the N stands for, but apparently it’s very naughty. Maybe it’s “naughty”? I’ll Google it later.

I’ve not been able to find any examples of any of the hundreds of these hateful, racist comments online, so all I have to go on is those two examples given by Newsweek. With no context to go on, it’s hard to know what to think. That is to say, it’s hard to know what to think if you intend on thinking. Otherwise, the Leftist media has already told you what to think and how to feel and you darn well better do it.

We’re SUPPOSED to think that the ONLY reason people are sending “hateful comments” to Moses Ingram on social media is because she is black, and they are white racist jerks. And we’re SUPPOSED to believe that the ONLY reason ANYONE WOULD EVER criticize her or her role is because they are those SAME RACIST JERKS.

Hateful Comments Dissection Lab

But as we only have two comments to go on, let’s examine them.

Hateful comment #1; “You’re days are numbered [sic]”

I mean, this is true for all of us. Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” This was probably not the intent of the author of the social media comment, but without more context we can’t say it wasn’t. Of course, they might have intended it to be a threat from a deranged lunatic, which is evidenced by their spelling of “you’re.” But, maybe they were just intended to say that she was going to play this one character and then, her days of being on Star Wars would be over because she was not going to get that spin-off series some people were talking about. We really have no way of knowing. Well, except for their spelling of “you’re.” That should have tipped off the FBI to launch an investigation.

Hateful Comment #2: “You suck loser. You’re a diversity hire and you won’t be loved or remembered for this acting role.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen any of Moses Ingram outside of Obi Wan, so I don’t know if it’s true that she sucks, or how one would assess another person to be a “loser.” I guess all we can do with that it assume that this person is an atheist who mistook Ingram for being the author of something posted on abitoforange.com. Either way, it’s not really RACIST, is it? I mean, it’s unkind, but “Racist” technically means something more specific than merely unkind.

But the second part of this comment, “You’re a diversity hire” is actually something Ingram says about herself. In an article posted by TODAY, she says “‘Obi-Wan’ is going to bring the most diversity I think we’ve ever seen in the galaxy before. To me, it’s long overdue. If you’ve got talking droids and aliens, but no people of color, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s 2022, you know. So we’re just at the beginning of that change. But I think to start that change is better than never having started it.”

Talking about her own casting, she talks about it as “bringing diversity” to Star Wars. So… she was hired because she is… “diverse”? Which in Leftism means a non-white, non-male. So, she is saying she was hired for being a black woman. Which means Moses Ingram said of herself that she is a “diversity hire”. Can you be called racist for agreeing with Moses Ingram about her own career? Do we even know that the person who wrote that wasn’t also a black woman? I have all of the questions.

The rest of the comment, “you won’t be loved or remembered for this acting role,” may or may not be true. I mean, no, she was NOT loved for this role, and because Disney is cranking out so much material these days, I think she is going to be long forgotten in the storm of Disney + material flooding the world like a firehose being used to put out the candles on a birthday cake. So this is not racist at all, and it may even be entirely true.

The conclusion I come to is built on a couple of facts backed up by solid, scientific evidence:

  1. People on the internet are jerks. (You don’t have to be a black woman, a diversity hire, or on Disney + to get hate on the internet. You just need to be on the internet.)
  2. Our days are Numbered. (Literally)
  3. Moses Ingram’s character, Reva, is terrible and it’s ok for you to hate her.

Let me be clear: It is NOT OK to hate Moses Ingram. She is a real person and Jesus loves her and you should too. But Reva… not so much.


Reva is a fictional character. She is a POORLY written character with BARELY any back story or motivation who is neither intimidating nor likable, written in a series with Darth Vader who is somehow both intimidating and still likeable. She is not competent, being shown to generally fail at almost everything she does. A couple of times the show seems to give us, “OH, she failed on PURPOSE! Like, it was her PLAN!” But… meh.

Over all, she is a horrible character which is the kind of writing you get as filler before someone in charge says, “Let’s flesh this character out. Like, what does she want? What DRIVES her? What is the GOAL that she is fighting to grasp?” And since no one seems to have asked those questions about Reva, the show certainty doesn’t waste any time telling you. They don’t know either.

This lazy AMAZING LACK of effort goes into her costume as well. Look at the team she is on:

White Head the Conceited, Wong the Mushroom Head, and Alien Cheetah.

The Inquisitor Super Team!

When they got to REVA, the MAIN Antagonist who is a CENTRAL part of this show, they said… “Uh, braids.”

And then they went out to lunch and never did anything else with her. No face tattoos, no cool hat, no alien species, no cyborg implants. NOTHING. Just BRAIDS. But unlike Princess Leia’s iconic hair, Reva’s hair wouldn’t look out of place on someone applying for a management position at a corporate job interview. Even her costume is the least interesting of the group. It’s like they wanted you to think Moses Ingram just wandered in from the set of “This Is Us” and no one noticed she was in the shot until it was too late, and so they gave her character a name and started asking her to come back to maintain continuity. “Can you come back Thursday? No, just keep your hair how it is. We’ll write you a few lines and you can hold a lightsaber.”

Moses Phones It Ingram

I have not seen Moses Ingram in anything else, so I cannot comment on how good of an actress she is, but as far as her performance in Obi Wan, it is (and there is no nice way to put this) somehow the worst of a middle school play performance from a student who only tried out because her friends went to auditions and she didn’t really WANT a part, and she’d much rather be in volley ball, but here she is so lets get this over with.

It is some of the worst acting in anything I’ve seen in years, and yet SO lackluster that it’s not even interesting enough to call “Bad” acting. REAL “Bad” acting is the kind of thing that make Nicolas Cage famous. Ingram’s EVERY delivery comes across like a cold-read, like she is LITERALLY seeing the words for the first time and hasn’t yet been given any direction, and also hasn’t read to the end of the script yet, so she doesn’t know how her character feels or where her story is going. It’s the kind of performance you expect during the very first rehearsal, where the actor knows her lines but doesn’t yet know what they mean, and they’re kid of focused on getting used to the costume and props and whatnot, so they aren’t giving any attention to HOW they are delivering their lines.

To see what I mean, put on ANY scene she is in and ask yourself, “What is this character FEELING?” Let her get out all of her dialogue and all you will say, in EVERY SCENE SHE IS IN, is “Uh, kind of annoyed?” And your guess is as good as mine.

A good actor is one who can both BE IN CHARACTER and also convey how they are feeling WITHOUT dialogue. Jonny Depp, John Tuturro, Gary Oldman, Samuel Jackson, Willem Dafoe… They can stand still, say nothing, and you will know if they are sad, angry, in love, about to kill, or about to break into song. Reva… is about to roll her eyes, maybe? Not sure. Hangry? I mean, could be. Not like, REALLY mad, but, not having a great day, clearly… Uh… kind of annoyed?

All of this to say, you are well within your rights to say Reva is a terrible character and Moses Ingram did a terrible job trying to make this barely written character watchable. It’s OK to hate Reva.

Being Part of the Solution

While I think we all have come to expect hostility and rage on the internet, let’s all try and be a part of the solution. Don’t tell total strangers that they suck. That’s not going to accomplish anything other than making you seem like a jerk. People on the internet are jerks. Don’t be one of the people who makes this stereotype true.

If you need to criticize any public figure, artist or otherwise, do it in a way that gives a reasonable critique of their public work. Think about it, and explain it thoughtfully, without name calling and unnecessary meanness. And even if you agree with Moses Ingram that she is a “diversity hire,” don’t throw that at her like it’s her own fault. If you need to criticize the hiring practices at Disney, then aim it at the people who do the hiring. She was offered a roll in Star Wars. What would YOU have done? Turn it down because you don’t like the reasons you were hired? PLEASE. I’d let them hire ME for being a black woman. Heck, I’d let them hire me for being a Basset Hound as long as I got my own lightsaber. But I digress.

The point is, attacking a person for the decisions of another person that you don’t like isn’t the right thing to do. You won’t be loved or remembered for acting that way. And if you don’t stop it, well… I’ll just come out and say it: Your days are numbered.

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