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In reply to THIS ARTICLE, Amanda wrote in and said: 

Can you provide a reference to a single scientist who has claimed that “everything came from nothing”?

Greetings Amanda! I COULD provide a reference to a single scientist who has claimed that “everything came from nothing” but instead, here’s half a dozen in their own words:
thanks for your question!

She pretended to watch the video, and replied again.

Actually, did you even watch that vid?..

The scientists you’re referring to are not claiming the universe LITERALLY came from nothing. They are speaking from a perspective of “nothing” meaning nothing supernatural.

Do you really believe that most or even many atheists literally think the universe “came from nothing”? That doesn’t even make sense. We acknowledge that the universe has an origin, but rather than simplifying it with “god”, we man up and admit that we currently don’t know the origin.

Hello again Amanda,
Yes, I watched the vid. I made that vid.

And, no, they are not meaning “Nothing supernatural.” You are inexplicably reading that into their comments. I don’t doubt that they would ALSO say nothing supernatural, but they have been saying The Universe came from LITERALLY NOTHING for decades. It’s only recently that they’ve been trying to wiggle out of the obvious problem with their religion. Just as atheism used to mean the belief that no God exists, until it became common knowledge that the position was so absurd as to be indefensible. Now people claim atheism is a mere “LACK OF BELIEF” as if this changes anything for them.

I know atheism teaches the universe came from nothing, as it can offer nothing which could bring the universe into being. I know it doesn’t make sense. It’s one of the reasons I claim that atheism is stupid- it forces one to accept MANY tenets of faith which are absurd. I don’t expect people who call themselves atheists to be stupid enough to truly embrace atheism. But that’s why I explain how stupid atheism is- so people who mistakenly think they are atheists can realize that they are not so foolish as to actually BE atheists.

You make two errors here: 1. you think atheists are still looking for the cause of the universe as if it may still be out there to find. But all of the alternatives have been discovered, and millennia ago. 2. You think claiming God created the heavens and the earth is some sort of intellectual cop out, as if it is the result of STOPPING the search instead of the actual RESULT of continuing the search until you find the rational end point.

Go to:
and watch the videos on Fine tuning and the kalaam cosmological argument, and you will see (if you are willing and capable) that science, logic, and reason all point where they MUST- to the Bible.

Atheism forces you to look at the Mona Lisa and search for a natural- non Da Vinci explanation. Looking at a work of art and pretending against all reason that it made itself with no artist is not “Manning up.” It’s foolishness, no matter how long you search.

Keep searching. Keep asking questions. You can know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Thanks for your comments.

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2 Responses to Boy! Nothing sure is SOMETHING! | Feedback Friday!

  1. jsneese62 says:

    I have always believe that God is what the universe was made from whatever He decided to use came from Him. Can I prove that no, but I don’t need to because I know who did so how He did it doesn’t matter to me in the least. I have a friend that says the universe is like a big clock that was wound at the beginning of time and has been running ever since. The theory of from the goo to the zoo to the you makes no sense either. DNA is a written code and unique to every single person on earth as well as animals because they are not automatons or clones of each other. It takes intelligence to do that. Just the amazing variety of life on this planet alone points to intelligent design, but add in the amazing diversity in the universe it baffles me how so many cannot see the intelligent design behind it all.


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