Maybe the Atheists are onto something…

I was called a name recently which I had not been called before. A twit on twitter called me an “evolution denier.” Right off the bat I want to state for the record that, whatever differences we Creationists may have with the Evolutionists, and whatever heated arguments may be had with atheists, we should all agree that “evolution denier” would be a terrible name for a band.

“Hello Hickman Nebraska! We are EVOLUTION DENIER!!!”

But the accusation made me consider something I had not thought of before. Why are we Creationists trying so hard when the Atheists have set the bar so comfortably low? Let’s just take a few pages from their playbook and put up our feet and take it easy for a change! Here’s what I propose:

1. We will continue to say we think Evolution is a ridiculous religion for which there is no scientific evidence. But instead of calling ourselves “Creationists” we will call ourselves “evolution deniers.” Our official position is, we deny the evidence for evolution as insufficient. In fact, we will insist that this is all the word “Creationist” actually means- someone who isn’t convinced by evolution. People like Ken Ham are “Hard Creationists,” and it’s irrational to assume that ALL of us are the same kind of Creationist.

2. When the “evolution believers” ask us to defend our position, we will insist they not force the burden of proof on us when it CLEARLY belongs to them. After all, we’re not asserting a position, we’re simply saying we lack a belief in evolution. It’s them that needs to defend their ridiculous beliefs. And we will remind them that their extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

3. If an evolutionist provides evidence or arguments to defend evolution, we will ignore their evidence and arguments, make fun of them, call them names, and quickly change the subject. We will spend lots of time naming evil people who believe in evolution- like genocidal racist jerk Adolph Hitler or gay/rapist/murderer/cannibal Jeffery Dahmer. THOSE guys believed evolution and took it SERIOUSLY.

4. We will then have a guy who used to have a popular kid’s show (and not a PhD in Biology) do popular debates against them. Someone see if Phil Visher wants this job. Or one of his puppets. That might actually be better.

This will save Creationists HOURS and HOURS of research and hard work creating lectures and lessons, web sites and books. We can be content merely to declare ourselves the side of “reason” and go on making fun of them for what they believe without offering any evidence or arguments for our position or against theirs!

I can finally make use of my true spiritual gift- Sarcasm.

I’m sure you Creationists out there have already guessed that this whole article is sarcasm. But what I would like you all to do is to offer this as an alternative to those Atheists on the interwebs who already do this stuff. A taste of their own medicine. Hair of the dog that bit ya. Two can play at this game. See if they feel we should treat them like they treat us.

But at the end of the day, we of course are called bhy the Bible itself to make a reasoned defense of the faith and hope which we have, with kindness and respect, and above all, if we start a band, to give it a cool name.

Something like “Visher’s Puppets.” That band sounds hard core.


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15 Responses to Maybe the Atheists are onto something…

  1. Amanda says:

    The theory of evolution has nothing to to do with atheism, creationism, theism, religion, or spirituality; It’s a theory developed by professionals utilizing information gathered and observed by scientists, archaeologists, paleontologists, geographers, physicists, and researchers.

    Being atheist has nothing to do with believing the theory of evolution. You can be one and not the other.

    Atheists have NO bias or bribe encouraging us to believe evolution, it benefits us in NO way to believe evolution; It JUST so happens that people who are sensible enough to question creationism are generally the ones sensible enough to accept the theory of evolution as a probable theory.

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    • Welcome back Amanda!
      When last we left, you “had no time” for my questions, because you realized that you can’t defend a worldview where in cute fluffy puppies are valuable and should not be murdered without JUST CAUSE, but human babies are worthless and ought to be slaughtered for the convenience of women who don’t want to bother with birth control. Furthermore, I showed that, your embracing of evolution undermines ALL of your moral positions, and makes the defense of ANY life a pointless exercise, not to mention the fact that you are actively trying to persuade others to mimic your morality- all the while believing that morality, your own included, is the result of blind evolutionary forces which will someday cause all morality to change yet again, maybe to the point where rape and murder are praised and we choose to kill puppies BECAUSE they are cute. It could happen.

      I can see why you don’t have time to reply to any of this. I am exhausted just thinking about it. Though, I really am curious to know- if you DID take the time to think it over- what you would conclude. I’m honestly curious. All of my previous questions still stand.

      But here you have changed the topic wildly away from the other topics and have shown yet again that you don’t really know anything about these topics. I am not trying to be rude, but you are simply VERY wrong here, like when you told me creationists think the human race is 2,000 years old. If I didn’t do so before, let me encourage you to ask questions, because you are clearly in no position to educate me. Again, I don’t mean to be rude, but you leave these blocks of assertion which cannot be defended, even from your own position, and when asked to explain you turn hostile. But let me assure you that I welcome open dialogue. I’m just thinking you should give asking questions a try. Just keep in mind I will ask you some as well.

      That said, let’s look at what you asserted here today:
      Your first comment is entirely wrong. Not even an educated evolutionist would defend your position here. Three groups who no one would ever give credit for “Developing the theory of evolution” as you claim are “archaeologists, geographers, and physicists”.
      Archeology is the study of human civilizations. Clearly you do not develop the theory of man evolving from soup over billions of years by looking at pottery shards made by recent human civilizations. And geographers? They make maps. They don’t develop theories of biological origins. Physicists study matter, energy, and motion. Once again, not likely they would jump across the isle and propose theories of biological origin based on their studies of gravity, light waves, or the alpha particle. Did you know what those fields of study were when you added them to your list?
      And our modern understanding of Evolution came from the writing of Charles “Chuck D” Darwin in 1859. It really wasn’t a big team effort. I know you might want to think that all of science just kind of stumbled upon it together, but Chuck invented it the way that L Ron Hubbard invented Scientology. Now it’s the federally enforced religion of scientists who know they had better support the accepted paradigm or die, like a Muslim looking into the history of the Koran.

      Your second comment is also wrong. Certainly, you can be an evolutionist without being an atheist, and you can be an atheist without being an evolutionist, but people believe all kinds of contradictory things all of the time. Some people think that animals have the right to live while refusing to accept that human babies have the same right to not be slaughtered for no justifiable reason. I do not question people’s ability to hold conflicting ideas.
      But atheism needs to account for the existence of life on earth, including human life. Once you remove the possibility for intelligent design, you have only one option- accidental natural processed. By default, atheism falls into evolution. Ironically, I find that the only way to defend Evolution is by first embracing atheism. The science sure isn’t going to help you any.

      Your concluding paragraph is a fine piece of empty propaganda from someone who neither understands evolution nor creation. With all due respect, you don’t get to demonstrate such ignorance of your religion and mine and then profess that your position is the reasonable one. It is obviously not REASON which lead you to being an evolutionist. (I’m not convinced you know enough about the theory to actually BE an evolutionist.)
      On the contrary, your religion is based on the proposition that you can add BY subtracting. I am a creationist and reject evolution because of, among many other fields of study, basic math.

      Thanks again for your comments. Perhaps next time you should give asking some questions a try? You may be glad you did.


      • Duke Kick'em (AKA: Little Jimmy) says:

        Dear Mister Orange,
        Haven’t posted onto your YouTube Channel in a month, And we really miss you. You are the greatest thing on Youtube!

        I’ll admit that I can barely understand you when you start using LOGIC and REASON- because… well, I don’t know what those ar. Butz I think I can figures it out if I keep watching yoru videos. So PLEEZE make more of thems!

        You are basically my hero. You are sifting through countless upon countless piles of atheist poop and showing it to be the nonsese that it really is. Maybe McDs needs to give out brains in the happy meal so more people can appreciate your brilliance. You are my hero.

        If you ever start putting out merch, Ima buy all of it. I wear yoru t shirt evry day.


      • Well, little Jimmy, thanks for your kind words. Its refreshing to get some positive feedback from someone who actually reads my content (Even if you can’t yet fully understand it! 😉 ) as opposed to the atheist trolls who copy and paste the same mindless vitriol on every Christian blog they can find for some reason. (“Vitriol” is a big word which means “Meanness”)

        Yeah, I do need to get back to making content, but what with summer I have been so busy with all of the work I have to do and all of the parties I have been invited to. I can’t make new content while sitting around a backyard fire sipping Coke Zero with my friends. Otherwise I’d be putting out daily content! LOL!

        You keep on reading this here blog, and someday, little Jimmy, you will learn what all of this reason and logic stuff is all about. You just need to believe in yourself. Well, maybe not YOURSELF- maybe someone smarter than you.
        Someone, like me.

        I’ll get to working on those T Shirts for you and my many other fans. 😉


  2. grogalot says:

    All life forms on earth are related. Agreed? But, God (according to believers) made humans different from all other creatures. Ah, yes. Humans are different, the believers wail, “Humans have an immortal soul and will be reborn and live forever in heaven!” Delusion abounds!!


    • Greetings Grogalot,
      Umm… no. Not agreed. Not all life forms on earth are related. That idea is absurd.
      But, of course, if you REALLY don’t think human life is different than, say, chicken life, then let me know where I can find you and some cannibal buddies of mine will stop by to kill and deep fry you and your loved ones for dinner.
      Also, just because you throw the label “Delusion” at something doesn’t mean you have disproven it, nor even expressed enough to show that you even understand the concept. Perhaps you could try addressing the topic with some substance next time? Thanks!


      • grogalot says:

        I said all life on earth is related. All life forms evolved together on earth and it is proven with DNA and the other sciences. Humans are the same as all other living creatures in that they die, and we know’t know what happens after that. Resurrection is a dream wish, a delusion. Believers have been getting scammed for some 1600 years or so believing that the second coming is just around the corner. GROG


      • Hey Groggy,
        Your statements are bold statements of your own faith, but your faith is in error and NOT founded on science or reason. You really want to claim as fact that the ASTOUNDING complexity and information rich systems in every living cell on earth is somehow proof that life needs no designer and just accidentally came together and then accidentally wrote millions of complex genes for millions of irreducibly complex structures and functions? And I suppose every airplane is the result of a tornado ripping through a junk yard and creating aircraft. If you just give it some thought you will begin to see the absurdity of that proposition and the logical impossibility of your faith.

        As for Resurrection, the bodily Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death is one of the best attested and agreed to facts of history, with multiple independent eye witness testimonies. That YOU don’t know what happens after death may be a true statement about your own ignorance, but it is NOT an accurate statement about anyone else. You should be careful not to project your own ignorance onto other people and blanketly assert it as fact like this.

        Do a little homework and you will begin to see the light. Stewing in your own arrogant ignorance and debunked religion will do you no good. Let me know if you have any questions.


      • grogalot says:

        You are full of _ _it Orangy. I might reflect a comment you made to me: “I don’t know or understand anything about your position, but you’re wrong and I hate you!”
        You’re welcome.


      • SEE? Doesn’t that save you OODLES of time?! And it essentially says the same thing you were going to type out in the first place!
        (Just remember to deposit $15 into my PayPal account every time you use that to cover your licensing rights, etc.)


  3. grogalot says:

    Christ “appears” in one book of historical fiction, the New Testament, a tagged on addition to the Old Testament. It doesn’t mean JC was divine. It is a scam and all you believers have been scammed into believing that you are special and entitled to an afterlife in heaven. What suckers! It is a scam that you cannot see and are unable to admit to. Believers should pitied for their gullibility. GROG


    • Thanks for sharing your sliver of information Greg a Lot!
      Though, it should be noted:
      1. The New testament is actually a collection of writings from different authors, not ONE book.
      2. It is not fiction. It is four biographies, a collection of letters, and one in the genre of Apocalyptic literature, which may be what kind of dreams you have after a spicy burrito.
      3. Nothing you said seems to indicate that JC WASN’T divine. You don’t give any reasons for me to believe you. Do YOU have any reasons to believe you? Or are you just another sucker for an even BIGGER scam?
      4. You may not know this, but you are actually paraphrasing the NT- specifically what Paul writes to the church in Corinth in 1 Corinthians 15; “17 And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. 18 Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost. 19 If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied.”
      But he adds something you fail to realize:
      “20 But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.”

      5. Nothing you said was anything more than you sharing some ignorance, and then a bunch of baseless name-calling. But don’t worry, my friend Greggo! I think I can help you.
      Copy this down and paste it into any comment section you come upon in the future. It will convey the same basic information as your comment here, and it will save you time:
      “I don’t know or understand anything about your position, but you’re wrong and I hate you!”
      You’re welcome.


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