People CAN Change Their Minds! Even on FACEBOOK!

A lot of haters be hatin’, and saying things like,

“Why you gots to be sayin [poop] about other people? Why cants you just leave them alone?”

Lots of people simply like to rag on others for using social media to have discussions instead of merely posting pictures of their latest meal, or whimsical cat posters. Some people use the old social medias for the hope of convincing people to take another position on religious, political, or social issues. And in return, the haters be posting things like this:

“Your FaceBook post really convinced me that I had taken the wrong position on this social issue,”

said no one ever.

They tweet things like this, and sometimes send long and very angry emails about why I need to stop trying to use social media to convince people to change how they act or think because, they assure me, it will NEVER WORK so give it a rest!

But two things about this:

1. In short, they are trying to use arguments posted on social media to convince me to change the way I think and act.

This is the very definition of hypocrisy. They are DOING the very thing they want me to stop doing. They are trying to get me to change what I think and do by doing the thing they are telling me not to do. Its really pretty funny when you think about it.

So think about it. I’ll wait.

2. Their unspoken assumption is that arguments don’t work.

Either this is because they don’t understand logical thought processes at all, in which case this is an admission of their own stupidity, or they feel that everyone else is too stupid to be persuaded by facts and reason. Which is pretty cold.

Its like they be saying, “Don’t waste your breath/tweets on these stupid people. They is too dumb to understand anything, let alone introspect to the point of discovering and self correcting a flaw in their worldview. Just let them play Candy Crush.”

Well I disagree!

There are people smart enough to be persuaded to change their minds and behaviors because of logic and reason. Sure, no one wants to admit they are wrong, and our culture has traded philosophy for selfishness, but there are still brains in skulls out there in social media land! And I still believe that there are people capable of looking at a well crafted argument and saying, “Hey, they does make sense. I should examine my previously held beliefs in light of this new information!”

Bitter, hardened atheists do become Christians! Died in the wool evolutionists do become Creationists! Democrats do become Republicans! And one of the reasons these changes happen, like the transformation from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, is because of the people who cared enough abut the truth to teach it to those who would listen.

SO STAND UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH (in love) AMERICA, and all thinking people all over the world!

Post those quotes, videos, and bogs on all of your social media, and have the faith in your fellow man to say, ” You may be ignorant now, but with a little education all of that can change! Let go of your hate! There is still good in you! CNN/MTV/the Devil hasn’t driven it from you fully!”

And while I’m on the topic of social media, thanks for liking and subscribing.


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2 Responses to People CAN Change Their Minds! Even on FACEBOOK!

  1. Ha! I actually have changed my mind about some things because of the words written by others, because of the internet. Our words have influence.


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