The Evolution of SJW’s

For a couple of decades now, evolution, which is incapable of surviving on science alone, has leaned more and more toward merely attacking anyone who questions it. Instead of using sound logic and observable evidence, Darwinists have used lawsuits, threats and intimidation to keep evolution in schools and textbooks.

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Just as one of MANY possible examples, there was a school district which put a sticker in their biology books which essentially said, “Evolution is disputed by some people. We suggest you learn the facts and make up your own mind based on the evidence.” Evolutionists wet their collective Darwinian pants and sued the school, forcing them to remove those stickers.

It’s safer to question the Bible in church than it is to question Darwin in a public school.


Evolution is the creation story of atheism, and so atheists have been taught or shown by example that unbelievers should be given hostility and hatred as opposed to asking what their reasons are or asking to see the evidence. Heretics are not debated. Heretics are not tolerated. They are not given a platform. They are burned at the stake.

When Bill Nye agreed to debate Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, MANY atheists were angry at Nye for even being willing to talk to a Creationist. Atheists prefer to hide behind arrogance, saying things like, “Even debating with them gives them credibility they don’t deserve.”

Really people? Spending time listening to and then dismantling an idea makes it sound MORE plausible? This is your fear? You really think the average person is going to say to themselves, “I always assumed evolution was a fact and Biblical Creationism was stupid and unscientific, but if the former host of a kid’s science show is willing to debate a man named after a non-kosher food, then there must be something to it after all. And I no longer believe in gravity.”

Aside from being a major component of the religion of atheism, evolution has shown kids for generations that that way to deal with disagreement is through the use of force.

DON’T let the other side even speak or be heard.

Shout them down and use law, threats and violence to silence them.

We don’t discuss.

We don’t debate with THOSE people.

We mock them, call them names, and hate them for their intellectual crimes.

This is why atheist make the perfect SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors). They have already been trained that the unbelievers are merely to be attacked. Reasons and evidence are inconsequential. SJW’s don’t show up at an event to debate. They come to scream empty, hateful catch phrases- catch phrases which they refuse to explain or defend. They insist that the members of their own group not even TALK to the other side.

“We have our angry, rhyming slogans! What more do you need to know?”

Evolutionists hate the idea that a Creationist would have the chance to make their case in public. SJW’s hate the idea that a conservative or Christian would have the same chance.

Evolutionists stoop to name calling; “Anti-science!” “Religious nuts!” “Evolution deniers!”

SJW’s do the same; “Racists!” “Bigots!” “Climate deniers!”

The main difference between the old Atheists and the new Snowflake variety is the SJW’s have distanced themselves from making a case for their own position based on science or observable facts. Instead, they scream about their feelings and set fire to their own campus or throw a full recycling bin through the window of a nearby Starbucks.

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I guess there is one example of evolution we can observe. Ignorant atheism has evolved into stupid and violent atheism. Or maybe this is an example of De-Evolution.

I think what it really shows is that Satan only has one small bag of tricks.

Thankfully, we can all remember that #JesusLovesYou

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One Response to The Evolution of SJW’s

  1. “It’s safer to question the Bible in church than it is to question Darwin in a public school.”

    So, so true.

    This is a very insightful post. If one is motivated by evolution and some of those principles, might makes right, only the strongest survive, I worship my own survival will, than you will try to build a world based on those ideals. If instead you believe in Jesus, the very epitome of sacrificial love who died to know us, than you will try to build a world that reflects Him. One set of beliefs says you’re the competition, a meaningless clump of cells that stands in my way, and the other says you were made in God’s image so I have to try to figure out how to love you.


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