Transgenders have the right to serve! Or die!

Transgender’s have the right to serve in the military!

Oh, wait. No they don’t. It’s been taken away from them. So what sense does it make to say that they do?

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Here’s my issue with statements like this one;  “Transgender’s have the right to serve in the military!” People were saying this IN RESPONSE to Transgenders LOSING the right to serve in the military. So it kind of sounds sarcastic. 

But the problem is bigger than this. One of the key reasons for Transgendered persons being kept out of the military is the fact that they are overwhelmingly emotionally unstable. They commit suicide something like 40 times more than normal people do.

Of course the pro-trannie side will argue that those suicides are from the constant rejection from all parts of society. The fact that they are so hated and oppressed is what causes them to get depressed and kill themselves, NOT the fact that they can’t reconcile their self image with their actual physical bodies. No, its stuff like Trump not wanting them in the Army.

And if I may digress for a moment, does anyone REALLY think that the military is so much MORE accepting of Trannies than the rest of America that they will be welcomed with progressive arms, such that adding the horrors of war on top of normal life for those people will be good with everyone? That suicide rate is really going to drop because of the warm welcome they get from our boys in green even as they are being shot at by terrorists over seas?

But back to the point. We’re told that the alarmingly high suicide rate is because America in general, the welcoming and open minded Military aside, is SO hateful and oppressive that they have the healthy and normal response of killing themselves at levels not seen since the Nazis were literally rounding up people to slaughter them like cattle. Because, I suppose facing the death camps and gas chambers is somewhat akin to being forced to dress like other people your own gender, or being called “Sir” merely because you happen to be male. But again I digress.

Let’s pretend that is true. Let’s assume that SO MUCH of America hates trannies that they kill themselves 40 times as often as anyone else does. In fact, let’s blame Trump and Rush Limbaugh personally for most of these tragic deaths. If we are going to be a secular culture, free from the constraints of religion, then the solution is obvious.

We should kill them. We should kill ALL of the transsexuals.

We have been told that popular opinion determines moral values. Homosexuality is OK because a majority of Americans are OK with it. Abortion is OK because a majority of Americans are OK with it.

Neither of which is true, but let’s pretend so I can get to my point.

Apparently a majority of Americans HATE Transsexuals, making their lives SO HORRIBLE that they take their own lives with the regularity of Jews living in Hitler’s East Berlin. So, let’s abort them. Apparently they are depressed and living under oppression. I say their lives are not worth living. Killing them would be the merciful thing to do. After all, that’s the argument pro-Abortion advocates make about kids born into poverty, or to indifferent parents, or with a disability.

Unless murder is wrong. Like, not just unpopular, but actually EVIL.

Where are we forced to acknowledge that murder is wrong? And if so how do we justify abortion? What arguments can be made FOR Abortion which cannot be used to slaughter the Trannies? Can you say they have the RIGHT to live? Why, if babies do not? 

Of course, if all human life is valuable, made in the image of God, then we shouldn’t be killing babies or trannies. But I wouldn’t want to violate that fictional separation of Church and State, so… I guess we should kill them. Transsexuals have the right to die. Or they will if we can get the Feminists on board with this policy. Someone get those ladies on the View to back us. We’ll have it written into law within the month.

[editor’s note: the above is droll sarcasm. And #JesusLovesYou]

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