The Everyday Supernatural Norm

One of the arguments Atheists try to make against the existence of God is their seeming lack of experience with anything we might call “Supernatural.” God is not a man with a physical body who takes up a certain amount of space or displaces a certain volume of water when submerged. God is immaterial- but is that different from saying “imaginary?”

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Or is there something else which we know to exist which is also immaterial?

What can we possibly experience which is immaterial? Astoundingly, this is so simple and so common that everyone misses it. We have all gotten so used to our experience being the experience of the material world that when we experience the immaterial- the super natural- we miss it entirely. The Supernatural which we experience EVERY DAY is:


Information is obviously real. Without information what would make a book different from an ink spill? Or music different from noise? Or math different from scratches on a tree trunk? Information is all around us and it is specified complexity which carries meaning and often demands a response, all based in a specific coding system. But what elements of the periodic table is information made from?

How much space does it take up?

What does it weigh?

What color is it?

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Information is not part of the material universe! Instead, it is conveyed by material means. Stories are carried in ink and paper even though they are not MADE of ink and paper. Similarly, you, like a book, are a supernatural thing carried by a material thing. If you burn a book, you destroy the ink and paper but you do not destroy the story. Likewise, someday your body will die and decompose but YOU will not cease to exist. YOU are more than your body like a story is more than a book.

So every time you read a story and every time you look in the mirror or think your own thoughts, you are experiencing the supernatural! You are experiencing invisible and immaterial things! Your thoughts are not made of atoms, and they have no mass and take up no space. Yet they are certainly real, like your soul.

God is the author of your story, the code writer who designed your DNA. Just as a book needs an author, the whole universe (including us) needs a designer, and the God revealed in the Bible is that author of life.

He wrote himself into his story as Jesus- our savior, who died to pay for our sins and make us right with God. He’s offered you eternal life, and now you have a choose your own adventure. If you choose life, you will have eternal life! If you choose death… you get what you choose.

So choose Jesus today my friends! Get to know your heavenly father and author, and accept his free gift of eternal life through Jesus today!

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6 Responses to The Everyday Supernatural Norm

  1. Robert says:

    Jesus is at best a Demigod in the Greek tradition. Rejecting the deity of Jesus is no different than rejecting the divinity of Achilles!


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