What am I asking you to consider? (or, Creation SCIENCE? Really?)

Iz He doing the SCIENCE?!?

I have recently discovered something akin to a unicorn- something I really didn’t think existed. I have found a YouTube channel of videos promoting the Flat Earth Model which  has videos as short as 4 minutes. These videos not only put forth arguments beyond name calling, but actually demonstrates its position with experiments and models.

Image result for moon during the day

“Do you SEE this? THIS is proof.”

To understand why this is shocking, all one needs to do is search YouTube for Flat Earth videos, and if you find what I have found, you will see that the average video promoting this model can condense a solid four minutes of argumentation into a three hour video. The majority of these videos involve a lengthy attempt to demonstrate that the producer of the video failed middle school science. Much of the time is spent calling NASA a hoax or other complimentary names.

For contrast, let me describe a different channel also promoting the Flat Earth Model. Also staggeringly short for a Flat earth Video, this one consists of video shots of the moon as seen during the day and the narrator of the video saying things like, “Do you see this? This is proof! This right here is proof that the moon is flat and the ball earth is a hoax. Look at this. I don’t know HOW you can see this and not realize that the earth is FLAT.” He really goes on and on like that for five minutes while we, the viewer look at the moon in the daytime sky and ask ourselves, “Am I seeing what he is seeing? Or does one of us need to be on some powerful medication? Maybe one of us already IS…”.

So finding a channel where in the videos attempt to use science to support the claims and defend the model from criticism is astounding. What’s worse, this channel has put forth arguments in favor of the Flat Earth Model which I do not know how to debunk. To be fair I have spent almost no time trying to do so, but that is not the point. The point I am making is this:

I have seen a glimpse of what it is like to be an evolutionist stumbling onto the content here at A Bit of Orange.

If you listen to people like Bill Nye, the entire Young Earth/ Biblical Creation position is this: “The Bible says God did it, so God did it. And we don’t understand lots of things, so God musta did it.” And I’m certain there are people out there who take that position. There are, from what I have heard, people who claim dinosaurs never existed, but the devil created their bones to fool us into believing evolution. I strongly suspect those people have not yet figured out how to create a YouTube channel. Or send email. Or work the Edison electric lightbulb.

If you have never heard a talk by a YEC or read an article or a book by one of the many Young Earth Creation ministries in the country or around the world, then if would be easy to think Bill Nye is right. I had a biology professor in college who started his class by saying, “Creation is a fairytale and we’re not even going to discuss it.” As long as you hold to a cynical, eyes-closed position, then its easy to think that could be the case. But then you discover A Bit of Orange, or Ian Juby, or Answers in Genesis, or Charles Jackson, or Jason Lisle, or Carl Kerby, or CMI, ICR, John MacKay, or Christ Ashcraft, or Spike Psarris, or Jonathan Sarfati , or any of the other dozens and dozens which can be found with a quick search on YouTube.

Your paradigm SHATTERS.

They’re building their arguments on OBSERVABLE SCIENCE? They are supporting their claims with quotes from Evolutionists? Aren’t they just supposed to quote the Bible and fill in what they don’t know with “God musta done it”?
Why are evolutionists saying there are no transitional forms?
Why are Big Bangers saying we don’t know how stars form?
Why are Evolutionists saying mutations are HARMFUL when they are supposed to create every new, information packed gene in every living thing which ever lived?
Creationism is not supposed to be built on genetics, cellular biology, zoology, astronomy, chemistry and physics! It’s supposed to be built on a stubborn, 3rd grade, Sunday School understanding of Genesis!

For many of you, to see arguments and evidence in favor of Creation and opposing evolution must be something like seeing arguments and evidence for the Flat Earth Model. OF COURSE the earth is round. I’ve owned several globes. I’ve build scale models of the solar system. I’ve been to the Adler Planetarium. I’ve poured over pictures and video from the missions to the moon, and from the Voyager Probes and Cassini missions. Flat Earth CAN’T be true, and what’s more I don’t WANT it to be true.

And to be clear, I do not think it is. I think I have convinced myself with evidence and arguments, experiments and models enough to know that my faith in the globe is sound. But the point is, when I think about what it would be like for me to discover I was wrong, to have to accept that the earth is flat, I begin to see why the responses I get are so emotional. A paradigm shift can be jarring, even scary. After all, if the evidence shows that Evolution is false, then where did we come from? Does that mean the Bible is right? Does that mean God exists? Jesus rose from the dead on Easter morning? Bill Nye is NOT a “science guy” but rather… a science DENIER?

Be brave. Keep an open mind.  What you have to gain far outweighs whatever you think you have to lose. And if you have questions, let me know. I am here to help. Be willing to follow the evidence where it leads. Just be ready to discover that the evidence leads back to the Bible.

to Learn more about Evolution, and why it fails the test of science, check out the Creation Soapbox Presentation Playlist

and remember, #JesusLovesYou

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9 Responses to What am I asking you to consider? (or, Creation SCIENCE? Really?)

  1. Amen! Well said.

    Myself, I believe in fairytales and I enjoy a good paradigm shift. There is tremendous value in our myths and legends, our parables even. Jesus is telling us a story, a lesson, and we don’t really need to know the name of the rich young ruler or to prove that the lazy servant is an actual guy who once lived. Some people’s brains are wired differently however, they have hard time trusting in what they can’t prove and verify.

    I don’t mind the flat earthers or the more extreme young earth creationists, except I do worry that they are putting their faith in the wrong things. They are attempting to lean into their own understanding. The earth could be flat and yet God would still be God. Or it could be round. Or perhaps we are just a holographic projection from outer space as some scientists have suggested. Regardless, God is still God. Somebody has to be running the projector. 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed this quite a lot.
      In short, ideas are true or false. Some ideas are made of collections of ideas, which are each either true or false.
      Some people believe false ideas. Some people believe collections of ideas which are mostly true but have some false ideas in the same box.
      Other people are kookiedooks and believe gobbledigook.
      There’s no idea so ridiculous that you can’t find it being defended on the internet.
      I’m just trying to separate the true from the false and make it all easy to understand. And I hope I can make people smile while I do it.
      Thanks for reading along.

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  2. nationofnope says:

    Well, it’s certainly a simplistic distortion of reality but your spelling is good.


    • I find this SHOCKING! I am SHOCKED! I sincerely CANNOT believe you would say that to me. NO ONE has EVER said this about me, and I certainly cannot- I say CANNOT accept that it is true.
      YOU think- and I hope you will see that I am doing justice to the text of your comment and not merely building a straw man based on assumptions- But YOU think MY spelling is good?
      I really don’t know what to say.
      I’m shocked.


  3. nationofnope says:

    It’s more of a continuum of wrongness starting with your application of the word “idea”.


    • “continuum of wrongness” would make a great name for a band, but not a good band.


      • nationofnope says:

        And this relates to your thesis how?


      • I give up.
        Now I’ll tell you one. Knock Knock.


      • OK, I had to look up the conversation to see what you are talking about. You said “Well, it’s certainly a simplistic distortion of reality but your spelling is good.” And I said the bit about my spelling, and you said the continuum of wrongness thing, and I said the band name thing.
        So… you’re just doing pointless name calling. Did you even read this post? If so, why don’t you say something of substance? You know, like explain WHAT is wrong and WHY it is wrong. Because, thus far… I know you are but what am I?
        That about sums up the debate you started. Feel free to try harder.


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