Evolution, Baseball, ShowBoat and Political Correctness

Have you ever wondered how BaseBall and the Musical ShowBoat explain why the racist undertones of Political Correctness lead to Obama becoming our “First Black President”? If you have, I would be very surprised. But just for you, I have put my brains to this task and will share with you what I have learned!

Having used science to show that evolution fails entirely on its own merits, I still know that there are people on both sides of the fence (or perched uncomfortably on it) who must wonder why it is that I bother fighting off the great dragon of Darwinism in the first place. Today I intend to show one of the great social evils which results from an acceptance of Darwinism, namely the prevailing racist, White Supremacy which calls itself Political Correctness. I will also show how Obama is “our first black president” because PC Culture is foundationally white-supremacist. But first, I want to talk about Chicago baseball.ShowBoat

Up on the north side we have the baby bears whose games were announced by the only alcoholic sports announcer to ever be impersonated by Will Ferrell- the Chicago Cubs. On the south side we have a team whose stadium has gone through a variety of bad name changes (though here in Chicago we refuse to use any of them), the White Sox- Because Chicago public schools don’t waste their time on things like spelling.

Let me flip a coin and see which team I will depict as Group A, because for this essay, it doesn’t matter… It was heads, so the Cubs are Group A, and the Sox are Group B.cubs v sox

The first thing we will do is compare a collection of stats from each group to see how they stack up, and then we’ll discuss what it means. (For those of you who actually are sports nuts in the windy city, these are metaphorical and not based on real stats, so don’t email me.)

The Stats:

Right off the bat (ha ha! relevant sports pun!) the Cubs win far more games than the Sox. In fact, every time they go head to head, the Cubs win hands down (though there is often whining on the south side that the sportsmanship has not been entirely honest).

Naturally, the Cubs may cheat every now and then, but the refs are always on their side, so they get away with it. For years now it’s been apparent that the refs simply don’t care for the Sox. Even when the Cubs start the fight at the pitcher’s mound, the refs toss far more Sox than Cubs out of the game. cubs v sox fightOf course, the Cubs would win anyway because they come from the wealthy upper North side of the city, and the players all graduated from BaseBall University, making them far better educated and capable of competing, where as many of the Sox dropped out of BaseBall High and only a few of them got their associates degree from a community baseball college. To their bitter ironic disdain, the school most of them could afford was “Chicago’s University of BaseBall School” which not only is a terrible name, but the school shirts all say CUBS on them.

Because they have a better education and more frequent winning streaks, the Cubs are paid far more for playing the game than the Sox are. Sure they play the same nine innings, but the Cub’s innings are worth more money because they are the Cubs. Tickets to their games are worth more in Wrigley, and the concessions at their games are of a higher quality. Cubs nachos have a cheese sauce on them which is of a quality that the Sox can only dream of.

But let’s talk about what really matters. THE GAME. The Cubs consistently get more runs, pitch more no hitters, hit more homeruns and win more pennants than the Sox. Many of them are seen as role models, where as many of the Sox players have a hard time simply staying out of jail. Because of their decades long loosing streak, the Sox team is made of angry, hopeless men, many of whom dislike their stadium and teammates, and some of whom have married Cub Fans. A few of them have expressed their anger over bad calls in games where they have lost to the Cubs by burning down their own locker room. The Sox stadium is a frequently dangerous place where the players cuss out the fans, throw their bats into the stands when they strike out, and where even the Red Sox are afraid for their personal safety when they are visiting.cubs v six fight 2

All things considered, the Sox are one of the lowest performing teams in the game. Almost any team which faces them is better then even to win, and even when they have a really good season, everyone considers it to be a fluke. The Sox are, across the board, low performing losers.

So, now let’s evaluate the information above. But of course, we will do it in the manner prescribed by Political Correctness.

Since the Cubs are always beating the Sox, cheating against them and getting away with it because they have more money and more pull with the refs, and as the Cubs are consistently out performing the Sox in every facet of the game due to having better education and longer seasons (not to mention more loyal fans, a safer home stadium, and better nachos) I think it’s clear that we ought to consider these two teams as being equals.

Certainly no one would possibly look at these two teams and declare one to be superior over the other except the most ignorant of hateful bigots. As a city, Chicago MUST come together and insist that the government harshly punish ANYONE who dares to even imply that one team is superior over the other. ALL baseball fans MUST be forced to root for both teams (except the Sox fans of course).

Furthermore, we need to all point out the ignorant hate of anyone who chooses to treat both teams as if they are the same, starting with the refs. Because the Sox have been the underdogs for SO long, it is only fair that the refs side with the Sox anytime there is a fight on the pitcher’s mound or a tie at the plate. Many sports fans have even compassionately suggested that the Sox get five strikes before they are out, not because they can’t perform at the level the Cubs perform at but only because the Cubs are the reason the Sox have done so poorly in the past, leading to their being last place in the rankings this season.

Lots of those arrogant, bigoted north siders will loudly insist that we give each player in the league three strikes and each team three outs per inning, but that is only because they are so full of hate for this south side team; a team which is entirely their equal and its about time they started acknowledging that fact by sending some of that GOOD nacho cheese down to the Sox stadium.


Nothing gets me all sarcasm-sweaty like Political Correctness.

Now to discuss the actual point.

If you have not already guessed, I am making an analogy. In the story above, the Cubs are white, upper/middle class college graduates (probably Republicans too) and the Sox are “Black America” or “African Americans” or whatever Politically Correct term we are supposed to use this week. The stats are an analogy, not for actual stats on black or white Americans, but are intended to represent the way Political Correctness depicts each group. Group A, the white folks, being the rich, educated, influential, successful winners, and Group B being the poor, oppressed, downtrodden, unsuccessful, poorly educated, crime ridden, victims of group A.

We hear this ALL of the time from the Left/Liberals/Democrats/CNN/etc. But here is the vital question- if the PC crowd wishes to depict Black Americans as the poor, uneducated, losers who are perpetually dealing heroine and going to jail, then on what basis do they insist that we are all equal? What could they possibly even MEAN by “equal” if they cling to this depiction of our country? My first point is simple: The narrative sold to us by Political Correctness is one which makes declaring white and black Americans to be equals more than impossible.

At this time, I need to introduce one more recent PC term: White Privilege. We are told that White people have the Privilege of being White, which is what accounts for our being more educated, rich, successful, etc. and Black persons being not. White people who get good grades, or who have a good job or who live in a good neighborhood are told not to be too proud of their station, because they have it all merely because of their White Privilege. Now, I’m no English major, but this sounds very much like they are saying that White people NATURALLY have an easier time succeeding in school, business, baseball, life, etc.

This is where the Darwinism comes in like a ton of bricks.

First, when you consider the clash between two variations on the same species, the term Darwin gave it was Survival of the Fittest– or, survival of the variety privileged to be more FIT. But, you are asking, wasn’t Darwin referring to different kinds of finch or ragweed? Surely Darwin didn’t mean humans, right? To get the answer, all you have to do is check the subtitle Darwin put on his book- “The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.” Before you start screaming “Straw Man” because Darwin doesn’t make a clear comparison between the “black” and “white” races of men in that book, consider the fact that he does exactly that in his follow up, The Descent of Man where in Darwin classified his own “white” race as more advanced than those “lower organisms” such as pygmies, and he called different (non-white) people groups “savage,” “low,” and “degraded.”

Darwin wasn’t the first to propose biological arguments for racism, but his works fueled the most ugly and deadly racism. Even evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould wrote, “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory” (Ontogeny and Phylogeny, 1977). Still, while Darwin certainly didn’t invent racism, his ideology of evolution has fostered it. Consider the case of Ota Benga—a pygmy from Central Africa, who in 1906 was caged in the Bronx Zoo with an orangutan. Remember the Jews in the gas chambers devised by Hitler to advance the Aryan “master race.” Reflect on the Australian aborigines hunted down in the 1800s by evolutionists in search of the “missing link.”

Which brings us back to Political Correctness.

Founded on a spoon-fed evolutionary belief, the PC crowd has created a depiction of Black America which is, very simply FALSE. Of course, there are black Americans who are poor, uneducated, oppressed, victimized, violent gang members and/or drug addicts, but to paint EVERY black American with this broad brush is a lie rooted in Evolutionary fueled racism and NOT in reality. There are college educated, rich, hard working, honest republican Black Americans, just as there are poor, uneducated, lazy, drug addicted white Americans. To pretend that either group can be described with one contrasting list of victim vs victimizer is not only stupid, but paints as the inferior group the one the PC crowd is pretending to sympathize with. But because they have been blinded by Evolutionary dogma, they cannot see black Americans as FULLY human, because, according to Darwin, they are not.

Check your march of progress illustration. On one end, monkeys, on the other, men- BUT the information from evolutionary sources (Darwin, Haeckel, Hitler, and National Geographic) will tell you that the man on the far right, leading the parade, is a white man.

The_March_of_Progress spread12

The African man is a few steps behind in the march, and that is not my interpretation but is part of the INTENTION of the theory. The evolution of man story is called the “Out of Africa” story. But if the European white man is descended from the African Ape, then logically the missing link between the European white man and the African ape is the African man, and this is exactly what evolutionary sources teach, from Darwin till today.

Political Correctness does not see Black people as equals, but more as an endangered species. Liberal Democrats insist that we set up tax funded care for them, as we would for Pandas. They insist that we not hold black Americans up to the same standard but merely take whatever violence they engage in as par for the course, just as we would for any other wild animal. And they spell out in VERY clear letters how NATURALLY superior white persons are by purporting this stupid idea of White Privilege, saying that White Americans succeed BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE. Can racist, White-supremacy be stated any clearer?

If today’s Political Correctness rhetoric came out of the mouth of Adolph Hitler, would it sound in the least out of place?

To conclude, I wish to point out one final nail in the coffin, which in my opinion proves the racist nature of PC culture (and by extension the Democratic Party), and that is Barack “Barry” Obama. For seven years I have been asking why our nation insists on calling Obama our first “Black” president. The only biological parent of his which we know for certain was a white woman. My research says she was an American of English and Irish ancestry (aka: white European). We are told that his father was a black man from Africa, which, if I do the math correctly, means that he is just as white as he is black. 50/50. Half of his genes come from a white woman. But something half black and half white is not black, it’s grey or checkerboard (however you want to take the metaphor- neither is accurate) but no one ever refers to Obama as our first HALF black president. Everyone seems to agree that he is BLACK. WHY are we ignoring his mother in this way? This drove me nuts until I remembered a musical I saw a very long time ago in Chicago:


showboat playbillIn showboat, the character Julie La Verne is the daughter of a white father and a black mother, but the racist laws of the land treat her as if she was all black because, as was commonly said by slavery-minded racists at the time, if she has one drop of negro blood, she is all negro. In 1940, American poet Langston Hughes wrote, “But here in the United States, the word ‘Negro’ is used to mean anyone who has any Negro blood at all in his veins.” It ought to be clear to anyone that this depiction is not based on any pride or respect for African ancestry, but rather depicts African blood as a poison- a corruption or a disease. “Even one drop taints the whole vessel.” It is a deplorable and ignorant ideology, but it is also the only reason why Obama has been declared by Political Correct culture as a BLACK man. In the minds of PC culture and liberal Democrats, even one drop of negro blood and you are considered ALL negro. That his mother was white does not matter to them because that whiteness is darkened- STAINED- by his blackness.

To close, I wish to make my position very clear: the distinction between “Black” and “White” is not just harmful, but entirely wrong.

There are no black people or white people. There is one race- the human race.

There is in every nation, tribe, tongue and culture those who are rich and those who are poor, those who are educated and those who are not, those who are honest and those who are thieves. But we are ALL sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, and all of us made in the image of God. We are one people- brothers and sisters from the same first parents, not accidental spawn from walking apes, but children made by our Creator God, all of us having sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, and all of us being offered the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

It is evolution which poisons with one drop- for even those liberals who believe they want racial harmony are driven into racist thinking even if only because they believe the lie that races really exist. Jesus came to unite us, and the devil comes to divide. Political correctness claims to have compassion on black Americans but then paints them in the same broad brush strokes which have been used by white supremacists since slavery was still legal. Science shows that evolution is a lie and scripture shows us the truth which must replace the lie. If we ever want racial harmony, we need to first reject the lie that we evolved from apes and are divided by race and remember that we are all of one race from the same family, made by God in the beginning.

This is one of the reasons why people like me fight against Evolution. It is a lie which has literally cost people their freedom and lives. It is a lie which divides and justifies hate. It keeps people from the truth, and it keeps people from Jesus. That is why we fight it like we do.

Thankfully, all one needs to do to prove evolution wrong is explain it clearly according to actual observational science. It fails on its own merits, which it the hallmark of any lie. To learn more, please check out the Defining Evolution series which starts here:

or watch the summaries here:

Remember to love one another, and also remember #JesusLovesYou

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