“Answering Atheism” is Free! Help your Atheist Friends See the Truth!

Atheism seems so complex that even the Atheists on the internet seem to have no idea what it is. Despite their seeming limitless ignorance, those same internet Atheists have a LOT to say about… well, absolutely everything. How is one to understand them and respond?

This book makes all of it simple and clear, including WHAT Atheism is, the difference between knowing and believing, the Religion of Atheism (Including the 15 Core Tenets of Orthodox Atheism), Debunking the faith of atheism, and then applying the logic of atheism, which includes guest essays from our Internet Atheist friend PonyH8R. Learn to answer Atheism with wit and common sense, and remember, Jesus Loves them too!

Read online or download for free here: https://abitoforange.com/free-books/

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5 Responses to “Answering Atheism” is Free! Help your Atheist Friends See the Truth!

  1. wojtek says:

    Great writing in favor of the Christian faith.


  2. LOL! Atheism is ridiculously simple. I do not believe in a god. Despite looking, I have never seen anything that would convince me that there is a god. The end.

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    • That’s because you haven’t read my books.
      Also, you need to look with your eyes OPEN. Until you are willing to do that, don’t waste my time telling me that you’ve looked for God. You may as well tell me you went outside to look for the sky and couldn’t find it.


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