The Pride Flag Just Cannibalized Itself

Here’s something I have heard in SEVERAL places on the old internet- something a lot of us saw coming.

Transgender lesbians (by which I mean men dressing as women who want to have sex with women) are calling cis gender lesbians (by which I mean women who want to have sex with other women) TRANSPHOBIC because they (the lesbians) refuse to have sex with Transgender women (by which I mean men).

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Did you get that? The T in the LGBT is attacking the L because the L refuses to treat the T as if they are actual women. Now, lesbians refusing to have sex with men is TRANSPHOBIC.

The PRIDE flag has created for itself a catch-22. Either Trans-women are actual women, and thus lesbians should be willing to treat them as actual women, OR THEY ARE NOT. But if an L is willing to have sex with a T that makes her a B (bi-sexual), which means she is not L.

So lesbianism is now Transphobic. You cannot be a lesbian without being a hateful bigot. Which means the PRIDE flag should now be the GBTQ flag.

But… G isn’t B either, so that’s also Transphobic. And all Q means is L or G, so if T is legitimate, then ONLY T and B are acceptable now.

Until we start arguing how many genders there are, because B assumes that there are 2, which, according to some, is hate-speech. And since gender is not only fluid, but a spectrum, then B is also transphobic.

Sorry Pride flag, you’re the Transflag now.

One flag to rule them all, one flag to find them, 

One flag to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them; 

In the Leftism of Portland where the shadows lie.

Soon they will ALL be the Trans Flag!!!!
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1 Response to The Pride Flag Just Cannibalized Itself

  1. jsneese62 says:

    Maybe it is wrong on my part, but this gave a good giggle or two. I would say before it is all said and done it is going to get interesting in that camp. It happens all the time they have already turned on everyone else so now they will start eating each other alive. The ones I feel for is the young ones they have so confused that are going to be caught in the crossfire’
    The young kids and the teenagers that they have lied to for so long. I feel this could have deadly consequences for some of them because they are going to feel betrayed and not one of these adults cares in the least what happens to them.


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