OK kids, here’s what we know. For 30 years, Disney has had merch, shirts, dolls, wall art, pictures, a live show, meet and greet, parade appearances, statues and actresses portraying the little mermaid as she appears in the original movie. Something like this:

But in making the “live action” version of the Little Mermaid, Disney has decided to go off brand and cast an actress who looks like this:

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing, Halle Berry.

The reason why Disney decided to start casting actresses who look nothing like the character they are portraying has looked for longer than those actresses have been alive, is because, and I am paraphrasing here, “Non-White girls need to see themselves on the screen when they are watching a Disney movie.”

Halle Bailey is the one on the left.

So, Disney expects that your little girls are all SO RACIST and self-centered that, if the princess doesn’t look like her, she isn’t interested. Ok, noted.

The Little Mermaid staring Halle Bailey comes out in 2023. So here is my prediction:

Before 2023 is over, people are going to start calling all of the depictions and portrayals of Ariel at Disney World, in the parades, meet and greets, ride, and merch “racist” for depicting a black princess as a white girl. They will claim she has been “White-washed.” There will be a Twitter storm with its own hashtag. There will be outrage, and Disney’s decision to make Ariel “more diverse” will result in Disney being called “racist.”

You heard it here first.

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  1. jsneese62 says:

    I would say that you my friend have hit the nail on the head.


  2. This is total cultural appropriation of the mermaid kingdom, too! Never mind whitewashed, we’ve now all been fish washed. For a long time women of all shades have simply wanted to be perceived as fully human. It’s a bit funny to hear, “okay, in the name of equity, you will also get to wear a bikini top and a fish tail.”


  3. wojtek says:

    How will Disney Parks change now that Ariel is black? Will we have both a white and a black Ariel?


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