All you have is a BOOK that claims itself true! | Feedback Friday

My friend Jim stopped by to leave his thoughts on something I has written:

I get your point, but all you have for your proof is a book that claims itself true which is a nonsensical argument. It is also filled with things that are not true. Which ones are you selecting? I have no burden of proof whatsoever. The universe just is, and if I can’t explain in detail how that happened it doesn’t make you right based on a book that claims it’s right. The Quran does the same thing. And I don’t believe that either, but it would be just as valid if I did.

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So I wrote back and said:

With all due respect Jim, you really should be asking questions and not making arguments if this is your level of understanding. I’m not trying to put you down, but you CLEARLY do not know the first thing about Biblical apologetics. I mean, “all you have for your proof is a book that claims itself true”? This is either a sorry Straw Man or you REALLY know NOTHING of the 2,000 years of answers given by the church- answers which go well beyond Biblical criticism and into history, archaeology, philosophy, and every branch of science. It was the church which gave birth to science and philosophy in the west for more than a thousand years, much of which is still accepted today even by secular scientists.

Its absolutely NOT true that having a book we claim to be true is ALL WE HAVE. And frankly, it’s not a bad starting place. What could you even claim was its weak point? That its written in book form or that we think it’s true? Or are you trying to claim that the weakness is that our book claims to BE true? Would it make us more rational to believe in a book that doesn’t claim to tell the truth?

I suggest you stop by my homework resource site for a little taste of some of the answers we have to support and prove and defend the Biblical worldview. It’s here:
Its a work in progress, but it covers a lot of different topics and is all material I have found useful in the past.

Yes, other religions claim to be true. Some people claim the earth is flat. Does the fact that we have two different models of the earth’s shape, both defended passionately by those who believe, prove that the earth HAS no shape? Or that there is no earth at all? Obviously not. Where two ideas conflict, either one is wrong or both are (depending on the argument). Claiming something is true does not immediately make it valid. Refusing to believe it does not make it untrue. You must weigh the evidence for each and see if they stand or fall. Once again, I believe you are smart enough to do this, or I should not bother replying when you leave comments.

Check out the Academy and let me know if you have questions on any of the topics you discover. I am here to help. #JesusLovesYou

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1 Response to All you have is a BOOK that claims itself true! | Feedback Friday

  1. “Orange” is quite right, and Jim here can’t show that he is wrong. Orange brings the logic and Jim can’t even bring the receipts.

    I lay awake at night just WISHING that I could be as smart, good looking, and charismatic as Orange. He’s so cool. And I’m just a dumb fat girl with no friends.
    I make myself feel better by bulling people on the internet, but all the while realizing that I have nothing to offer but hate and logical fallacies.

    I guess I’ll go crawl into a pint of Ben ad Jerry’s and keep wishing.


    Maybe I should just buy a few cats.


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