Communism and the Toilet Boy

For some reason, the kids who go to universities are getting their brains surgically removed and becoming communists. I guess it was the next logical step after face piercings.

You will hear them insist that it is only fair for workers to share in the profits. Why should the owner make more money than THEM when THEY are doing all of the work? And if your brain has been surgically removed, this probably sounds convincing. But let’s consider a few things:

Toilet boy, you’ll be a toilet man someday…

1. If it’s fair for workers to share in the profits, then it is also fair for workers to share in the losses.

When a company loses money, or is forced to spend money on things like utilities, lawsuits, recalls, taxes, etc. then the workers should each pay an equal share of those. And if it takes a company a few years to make the first profit, then the workers should work for free until the company is making a profit, right? And you should pay for half of your uniform, name tag, office supplies, and toilet brush.

And have you ever considered how much capital it takes to even open a business? Each employee should kick in a fair piece of THAT action too. I don’t hear a lot of communist kids talking about THAT part of what is “Fair.”

It looks like “Fair” is a one way street.

2. Nobody Comes Here for the Toilet Boy

Not everyone is doing a job that is of equal importance. Imagine a restaurant. If you’re the dumb-dumb scrubbing toilets, then you won’t make as much money as the guy making the food. Should you? Would it be “Fair” for you as Head Toilet Boy to make the same money as Head Chef? Or Head Waiter?

People will tolerate a funky bathroom when its in a great restaurant with good food and friendly service. No one has ever said, “I need to take you there for dinner. The food is just AWFUL, but the toilets are immaculate!” What you are doing is not going to bring in the money you want your “fair share” of like other people are going to bring it in.

There is also certain education, training and other requirements to hold upper positions. The guy running the restaurant has to be good at math, nutrition, scheduling, local health codes and other applicable laws, and finding, coaching, hiring and firing people. He probably needs some kind of education past the 4th grade. Your grip on the old toilet brush doesn’t really call for the same level of college debt to be applied in order to get you in the mix. You could have failed the 4th grade and still managed to quality for “toilet boy.” Some people have to pay a lot in time and money to even earn the job in the first place. Should a Master’s Degree in Business earn the same as 4th grade Toilet Boy?

The head chef has to know things you don’t know, and can’t do. If you fail to show up to work, ANYONE can grab that toilet brush and get scrubbin. What are you going to do if the chef fails to show up? You gonna make twelve orders of chicken cordon bleu between washing the sinks and sweeping the cigarette butts off the sidewalk? If you know how to do that, why are you cleaning toilets?

You make less than the chef because, in that system, you are literally worth less money. HE makes the food they come for. He is the reason they think it worth it to hand cash to the business that employs you. He is the reason people tell their friends to come to the restaurant where you are scrubbin potty filth. No one comes there and spends money because you mop so well. In fact, if you do it well, they won’t ever give you a single thought. But if you do it well, your boss should notice, which can lead to better things.

3. If you think you can start a business, do it.

Why does the owner get more money than everyone else? Because he started the business. If you think you have what it takes to become the guy running his own restaurant, then go home and start making burgers. Start a business and be the guy making the money, and then, if you like, share all of the profits equally among every single person who works for you. But the ultimate reason why you don’t deserve a salary as high as the guy who started the company is the fact that YOU didn’t start the company. The ability to make more than the Toilet Boy is the VERY REASON why people start businesses in the first place. Why else would they do it?

If you think you can do what the owner has done, then do it. If not, then why do you think you should be making the same amount of money he is making?

Also, I’ll bet every single one of these stupid college communists has a story about that group project where one of the kids in his group hardly did ANYTHING at all, but still got an A because the rest of the team worked their butts off to give a great presentation on the water cycle. Next time one of these College Karl Marxists starts in on fair wages, remind him of that kid. That memory should do wonders for someone who is soon to be a toilet scrubber.

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3 Responses to Communism and the Toilet Boy

  1. jsneese62 says:

    I spent much of my young life raising my children and they took priority over all else. I am now 60 years old and broken in many ways, but it’d okay and I do mean that too. I do have some thoughts on this, but first let me say I agree with you. Having said that I think all legal forms of employment are good because things need to get done. Now if you are like these young people and complain about your pay then you do something about it.
    I have been to college twice once for Early Childhood Education/English and the other for Interactive Media/Web Design. I have scrubbed toilets, mopped/vacuumed floors, cleaned businesses of all kinds, worked fast food, sold Alumni books over the phone, was a gas station cashier, booked reservations for all of Harrah’s Casino properties and all after the age of 40. When I didn’t like the pay I was getting I looked for another job while maintaining the one I had most of the time.
    Quite honestly a lot of this has come about because their parents did not raise them with discipline, morals, or values. They also did not have them work for anything in their young lives. My kids had jobs as soon as they were old enough. My daughter had a paper route and I helped her because was a very petite girl and couldn’t carry so many papers. I did have her pay me a very small amount because as I told her you cannot expect other people to work for you for free. I actually placed the money in her savings account. Her job choice in life was to be a waitress it makes her happy and she makes really good tips because it is something she loves to do and it shows.
    My point is if you allow your kids to grow up to be lazy little bums sitting on their butts all the time and never giving them any kind of guidance or discipline why are people so surprised? I was kind of hard on my kids, but seeing the adults they have become I am glad I was.


    • Once again you speak wisdom, my friend.
      And this is part of why I am writing this stuff down. I want the kids of today, even those who aren’t my own, to know the things I wish I knew. My mother went to college and worked a low paying job her whole life, and so it never occurred to me to do otherwise. I worked as a custodian for years, and I only quit because I hated it and began to dislike the guy I was working for (in his defense, he was trying to be a good guy, but he was dealing with an angsty teen). And I spent seven years and tens of thousands of dollars I still owe to go to college, while most of the time I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I still don’t, but now I owe a huge amount of money for the fairly lousy college experience I had at a state school.
      But also, as I’m sure you know, a lot of people only know the one thing they’ve been told. A lot of people never think to question their normal, and so when they are surrounded by Leftists preaching Bernie “Mittens” Sander’s idea that EVERY job should pay a living wage, they just nod and say, “YEAH! Why not?” And since they never learn how money works, and they’re only taught lazy entitlement, it never occurs to them that there COULD be a reason why not. But as a kid I had friends whose parents owned their own businesses. I got to see how they didn’t always make enough money to hire anyone outside of the family (and how “Hiring” their own kids, and sometimes me, often meant they’d feed us if we could work a few hours). When you’re a kid whose parents have paid for everything your whole life, or if you’re a politician who’s never worked a real job, socialism might sound fair, but when you’ve had to work for your own money like I did since middle school, then you learn how money works. When you see that the government is a business and not your rich daddy, you have a very different attitude. And when you realize that you have options- real choices you get to make whenever you want- you are thankful to be an American.
      God bless you my friend.

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      • jsneese62 says:

        Again thank you and you know you are pretty wise too. One piece of advice that I would also pass on instead of going to college or university go to trade school it costs less you learn a skill that is actually in demand in most places, makes decent money, and usually done with the education in a year or less. Most college and university degrees are so over saturated with new graduates most of them give up on what they worked so hard for. I remember an adult or two in my past that were just trying to help me, but at the time they just annoyed me I think it is just how most young people are.
        You are also right most people never look outside their bubble and even though I was hard on my kids in many ways and I encouraged curiosity in them. I never closed off any subject so long as it was age appropriate and they really wanted to learn. If they asked me a question I answered them and if I didn’t know we learned together.
        I think it is good that you are documenting these things now because they are going to look back and try to sugar coat it or blame the generations before them. Actually they are already doing that.
        There is a storm coming and it is not going to be pretty because we already have babies going hungry in this country, but some of us will be fine I am not so sure about these kids I think they are about to be educated in a very rude way. Wait until they cannot get all their favorite things.
        God bless you too my friend.


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