If Atheism is true, then Atheists DON’T exist! (with Eric Hovind)

If Atheism is true, then Atheists DON’T exist! Learn the surprising truth about the religion of atheism! Read The 15 Core Tenets of Orthodox Atheism: https://creationtoday.org/the-15-core-tenets-of-orthodox-atheism/

This video was a live stream with my good friend Eric Hovind. To get future content, be sure to follow us at

And now a prediction:
Self professed “atheists” will send me comments telling me my definition of “atheist” is a Straw Man, without explaining why it’s a Straw Man, and without watching and responding to the content of the video or article.

They will also tell me that I’m a liar because not all atheists believe the things I am saying are tenets of the religion of atheism. Because they didn’t watch the video or read the article. Or distinguish between “What Atheism is” and “What Atheists choose to believe.”

This isn’t my first rodeo. Bring it on.

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4 Responses to If Atheism is true, then Atheists DON’T exist! (with Eric Hovind)

  1. spawneedave says:

    Atheism is a religion, like bald is a hair colour


    • That’s clever, Dave. And it would fit on a bumper-sticker. However- Hair color requires hair. Religion would require foundational beliefs about the supernatural, including God, the afterlife, miracles, and the soul. Atheism HAS foundational beliefs about all of those things. Thus, is a religion.
      Did you not watch the video? Like I predicted?


  2. Archon's Den says:

    No true Scotsman agrees with you. 😯


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