Why Kevin is a Hero, and So Can We!

I recently wrote a series of articles where in I explained why Matt Walsh is an idiot. In
short, it was because he decided to spend valuable time on social media- time he COULD
have spent teaching people why they should not murder babies or allow the government
to remove all of our freedoms- ranting at length about how he feels Young Earth Biblical
Creationists are morons who hate science.

I suppose we should consider it from his point of view. Perhaps he looked around the
world and said, “People are murdering babies at state funded slaughter houses at a very
alarming rate, and people need to be educated so they can move and vote to stop these
senseless acts of murder. As a conservative with a sizable platform, I am in a position to help LOTS of people see how abortion is murder. On the other hand, do people know how STUPID Biblical Creationists are? I guess the babies can fend for themselves for a few more days…”

Perhaps he had to flip a coin.

What especially makes this idiotic is that he showed over and over how he had not the
faintest idea of what it is YEC’s actually believe. In short his position seems to be, “I
don’t know what these people think, but they are wrong, and you should hate them.”
Not enough profanities to be an actual roach clown, but certainly shows a propensity
toward speaking their native language.

In contrast I would like to draw attention to a different citizen of the old internets here
who I feel is a hero among men and deserving of our praise. At least a little.

No doubt many of you think I am about to wax eloquent about Ken Ham, the much
maligned leader of Answers in Genesis. I am not.

You should have guessed that from the title of this article. That was a rather big give

So, what manner of Young Earth Creationist is Kevin, you may be wondering, that I have
chosen to call him a hero? Well, he is none. Kevin is, like Matt Walsh, a Catholic who
has been persuaded that Big Bang/deep time are entirely compatible with belief in the
Bible. He’s even posted videos to social media explaining why he feels Old Earth
Creation is true as opposed to YEC. I disagree with him about a great many things, and
feel he is wrong on issues both scientific and scriptural. And I consider him a hero. At
least a little.

Now before you go throwing full bottles of non-alcoholic Welch’s grape juice at your
computer screens, demanding at the top of your lungs to know WHY he is not an idiot,
let me explain.

Kevin did not go on any long winded rant about how stupid he feels YECs are. He
disagrees with us, certainly, but he neither said that he feels we are morons nor that anyone else should either. He may lack a great deal of education in the Biblical Creation model, but he did not use that as an opportunity to tell the world things about us which are untrue, slanderous, nor irrationally emotional as dear old Mr. Walsh decided to do. Kevin simply made a video or two explaining his take on Genesis and- here is one of the keys- he did it because he wants his students to learn what the Bible says. He is trying to combat
Biblical illiteracy.

You may be wondering if I contacted Kevin about his position in an attempt to shed some light on Biblical Creation from positions scientific and scriptural, and I did. I sent him an
email expressing gratitude for his desire to teach the Bible to the kids these days, but
informing him of my concern that he chose, as the start to his series, a video which
essentially says, “The Bible doesn’t really mean what it says.”

In reply, he was nothing but courteous and kind and offered some defense of his position and critique of mine. And after a few exchanges via email, he went back- sadly not persuaded by my genius- to making videos seeking to teach the Bible to his students without having recanted his previous comments on Genesis.

So why is Kevin a hero when Walsh is an idiot? Because while Walsh’s intent was to
attack people like me (based on his own ignorance), Kevin’s main desire is to combat
Biblical illiteracy. Kevin wants his students to know what the Bible says. Sure, I think he
may hold to some doctrines which are in error, and he may not have been persuaded by
my attempts to educate him on the ways in which science and scripture agree, but he was
kind and open to some discussion, and in these days of social media warfare, merely
choosing to be kind while also being honest is an act of heroism which is worth a little
attention. At least a little.

In the words of a now dead British pop star- we CAN be heroes.

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