Was Genesis 1 Written for a Poetry Slam? | Feedback Friday!

Welcome again to Feedback Friday! Today’s comment is about the Creation account in Genesis 1, and is a response to THIS POST .

If I may make an aside for a moment, this comment is an example of one of my pet peeves. You will note that he essentially says, “You are wrong, and other people agree with me.” But he NEVER makes the case from the text of Genesis itself to show WHY I am wrong. I get SO MANY comments which essentially say, “You’re wrong. TRUST ME. You are.” For all my readers, do me a favor- if I am wrong- EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I AM WRONG. Make a case for it so I can learn something. I’m not saying I don’t trust you, but… I don’t trust you THAT MUCH. 

That said, here is Brady’s comment about Genesis 1:

You seem to conflate what Genesis 1 says with what Genesis 1 means. There are many passages in the Bible where a literal reading of the text is actually not what the author of said text means. And many scholars argue that Genesis 1 is one of said passages.

Greetings Brady! Thanks for your comment.

I agree that the Bible contains a variety of literary genres, not all of which ought to have a literal interpretation, but this is not the case in Genesis 1. The text, while not wholly free of poetic flavor (what text outside of tax codes truly are?) is not poetic in the same sense that the Psalms are, nor is it told with the style and structure of a contemporary ancient mythology.

Furthermore, it is linked directly into the history which follows and there is no separation between the creation account and the histories of Abraham or Joseph as there are between, for example, the parable of the Prodigal Son and the healing of the lepers. Where the Bible is intended to be NOT literal, the separation between literal account of historical narrative and allegory or poem is made clear.

It’s true that many scholars do agree that Genesis 1 ought not be taken literally, but NOT because of the text itself. Rather, those scholars have an a priori dedication to deep time, evolutionism, or some other extra or even anti-biblical stance which forces them to betray the clear intent of the text itself.

Hebrew scholars have made clear for decades and through the centuries that the text itself makes clear a literal creation of the heavens and the earth and all living things in six literal days around 6,000 years ago. As for me, I shall not change the meaning of a text to suit my own preconceptions. Let it say what it says and then do what you must with its actual meaning.

Thanks for your comment.

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