I don’t have to prove ANYTHING! | Feedback Friday!

Welcome my friends to Feedback Friday*! Today’s comment is one of those which is intended to remind me that, when I write articles about how ridiculous and indefensible atheism is, I don’t have to make stuff up. I didn’t link to the article this was in response to, because, as you will see, it doesn’t matter:

By the way. I don’t have to prove anything. You do however have the burden of proof. I say their is nothing. You say their is something. Show me something tangeble to prove your myth and I will believe it. You have nothing but philosophical wordsmithing and hairsplitting elastic justification for your religions poor track record

I frequently say that Atheists all the time be claiming that they don’t have to prove anything. I don’t make this stuff up you know, and when you don’t believe me, it hurts my feelings. Anyhoo, I responded:

Nope, if you reject the obvious truth of the Bible, then you are making the ridiculous claims and must offer extraordinary evidence.
I have all of science, history, and philosophy on my side. Atheism has… well, literally nothing.

And he replied again:

Lol. You are funny. You claim there is a god. The burden is yours to prove it. I don’t have to prove there is nothing that I, you, they, we, or anybody can’t see. You can reason your way into the argument, but in the end you have nothing to show. You don’t know one thing. You have chosen to believe. Nothing more

To which I said:

Thanks. I’m glad I can make you laugh, but, hey- looks aren’t everything.

And actually, you DO have the burden of proof.

You are the one making the ridiculous claims.

YOU are claiming the universe made itself, life made itself, information can write itself with no author, and that the laws of physics and chemistry which cause an increase in ENTROPY actually cause an increase in COMPLEXITY and INFORMATION. That’s beyond absurd, so you have the burden of proof. You have to argue against ALL of established scientific laws.

That’s a big burden of proof.

You are claiming to be a self, one unified, self aware mind, capable of logic and reason and discerning between good and evil- yet none of those things CAN be true if atheism were true, so you are making a ridiculous claim and you have the burden of proof. You have to argue against ALL know laws of logic.

That’s a big burden of proof.

And I am asserting that you already know that God exists. You have already acknowledged much of a Biblical worldview and rejected much of an atheistic worldview. Which means, you have to argue against your own religious professions of faith.

That’s a big burden of proof.

Or you can stop trying to defend the impossible, stop trying to avoid thinking about your own worldview, and just ask more good questions. I sincerely believe that you are not stupid enough to be an atheist. You need to believe that too.

Thanks for writing in. Let me know if you have questions. I’m here to help.


*Yes, technically I posted this on a Tuesday, but Feedback Tuesday doesn’t have the same ring to it. Besides, like they say, “Its Friday somewhere!”
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