Why I end conversations with people on social media

Hey Friends,

Many of you have dropped by the blog or other social media outlets to converse with me, share your thoughts, and sometimes tell me how amazingly stupid I am, and I appreciate all of your comments. I prefer some over others, but I digress.

Some of you have found that these conversations don’t last forever, and I figured it was worth explaining why.

  1. I got busy with other things. This is a real common one, because I have bills and a wife and a child. A small child doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, but they are very distracting. And since I don’t get paid for this blogging stuff, I have to occasionally do other things so they don’t shut off the WiFi.
  2. I have said all I have to say. Once we go round and round I get vertigo and I need to lay down and play Angry Birds for several hours.
  3. You have failed to uphold your side of the conversation. If you’ve been throwing logical fallacies (Which I call being “Flawgical” TM) or personal attacks at me, I lose interest really quickly. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am asked or told something and I answer it directly, and the other person acts like I said nothing, or they pretend I said something COMPLETELY different*. Similarly, when I ask a question half a dozen times and it goes ignored. At that point I say, “If you are going to invent my side of this conversation and ignore what I actually contribute, then it’s really not worth it for me to provide my half,” and I go find something better to do. Sometimes I vacuum.

So if you asked me something, or told me something, and wondered why you never heard back, there’s why. If I’ve already told you that you’re acting like I’m not part of the conversation, then don’t be surprised when I start deleting your comments, or use that wonderful little “Mute” button over on Twitter.

You people over in category #3, I don’t get you guys. You really that bored? Is leaving sarcastic comments on my blog about things I never said really better than Mine Craft? Maybe you need to get a dog, or take up golf.

I donno. Something.

But to all of you who take the time to read and reply, thanks. I mean that.

And remember: #JesusLovesYou

*Here’s a great recent example which you will think I am making up, but I am not:

Me: Thus again I say, Natural Selection cannot create new species, and Darwin’s book is wrong before the very first page (Which interestingly he admits in the 4th chapter of his book in the 6th edition).

Them: You will also, hopefully, see how, well, dopey and childish it is to say things like “if you go to Darwin’s Origin, the third printing, and see that the second word of the second sentence of the fourth paragraph is misspelled it’s obvious that Darwin’s theory is wrong!’

Me: [face-palm]

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2 Responses to Why I end conversations with people on social media

  1. You forgot to mention the snooze button on facebook. It’s the best thing since sliced bread! It asks, “would you like to snooze him for 30 days?” Oh yes, yes! 🙂

    What you’ve described in your last paragraphs I call a carnival house of mirrors. Facepalm indeed.


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