Evolution and the Flat Earth

Having spent some quality time looking into the moon landing conspiracies (this is what I do for fun while other people are golfing), the next obvious stop was the narrow world of the flat earth.

I imagine many people don’t realize what a big thing this is on Youtube. People make all KINDS of videos trying to sell the flat earth theory, using all kinds of fun pictures and computer graphics, and some of it is fairly convincing. By “some” of it, I mean “almost none of it”, but it’s fun anyway, like those books which dissect things from Star wars so you can see what the inside of Jabba’s sail barge looks like, or how a lightsaber works.

After watching a lot of these videos, and asking one of those video makers about his model of earth and space, I discovered an interesting correlation which you will think is sarcasm but is not: Flat Earthers are just like evolutionists, and the flat earth theory is just like the evolution myth.

Each worldview takes advantage of a little bit of observable evidence, and then interprets that evidence according to their model, and then speculates wildly about the world. No one has pictures of the flat earth which they can share, and no one has ever seen evolution in action, but they are BOTH very certain that their worldview is still correct. Evolutionists see things change, like a litter of bunnies being covered in different fur patterns than their parents, and they declare- “CHANGE OVER TIME! Decent with Modification! EVOLUTION!” And a flat earther looks at the horizon (Or all of Nebraska) and says, “That is FLAT! I don’t see a curve! FLAT EARTH!”

The thing they both have in common, which is the most disappointing, is the fact that they can all be jerks. Admittedly my sample size is low, but I was still hoping that, due to their lack of popularity, the flat earth crowd would be anxious to be friendly and gain some public ground in the popularity contest. You know, like Mormons. Instead, the guy I spoke with, who had make ALL KINDS of long videos about the flat earth, was a real tool. He jumped IMMEDIATELY into calling names and pointing blame and demanding I accept certain propositions, and he refused to answer any of my questions.

This has been my normative experience with atheists online.

The reason for this was apparent once I put two and two together. He was not only presenting himself as a flat earther, but he was pretending to be a Christian. It all made sense after a while. The whole point of his channel is to give a public face to the slander that Creationists are Flat Earthers. I don’t believe that he was a Christian or a flat earther. He just wanted to be a channel to point to when someone needs evidence that Christians believe in a flat earth. He couldn’t defend or explain the flat earth model he had shown in his videos, and his videos were horribly lacking information or any good use of scripture. The guy was a fraud and a façade. And a real jerk. Seriously. It was really annoying. I tried to be nice and explain that I just wanted to learn about his view, and he was a jerk and a jerk and a jerk until I finally said, never mind you silly person. I didn’t want to know that badly.

Similarly, I had to ban an evolutionist from twitter because he was being a jerk who decided- I suppose because he was bored or something- to simply make fun of my creationist view point without giving evidence or replying to anything I sent him. That’s what that wonderful little MUTE button is for. Banished to the land of silent wind and ghosts. And I don’t even know HOW to unmute him! Isn’t that wonderful?!?

This Flat earther responded to questions like a lot of atheist/evolutionists do- either with an admission of ignorance, or merely with anger for being asked. They build their weak arguments on logical fallacies and an immediate suspicion of anyone who does not agree with their model, instead of an intellectual defense of their model. Both are more swagger and straw men than anything else, and neither does a good job of answering questions or explaining all of the observable data.

So here’s my declaration for 2018-

Evolutionists and Atheists are basically flat earthers.

Let the storm of hate mail begin.

If you have comments or questions which are not the hate mail flame war, please feel free. I’d be happy to hear from someone nice, no matter what you believe.


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2 Responses to Evolution and the Flat Earth

  1. John says:

    There are lots of friendly non-believers out there who don’t want to change anyone’s mind. They are just less vocal. So no hate mail here; at least you aren’t advocating a flat earth!


    • I do not believe the flat earth model- unless I am in Nebraska. In which case, the evidence is overwhelming.

      And yes, I do not mean to say ALL atheists or Flat earthers are one type of person, only that my experience with them, and perspective on their models, are remarkably similar.
      thanks for your comments, John!

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