Genes, Eye Color, and Gender

When I met my wife, her hair was red. But it was red because she had dyed it. She is actually blonde. She was born blonde, and remains blonde. When she dyed her hair, she was a blonde who had dyed her hair red.Image result for red head

Your DNA determines your hair color. That is determined before you were born, and before you even have hair. You can’t change it, you can only cover it up.

When I worked for CostCo some years back, they got in contact lenses which were for the purpose of changing your eye color. A blue eyed girl could become a brown eyed girl. Anyone could have green eyes. I could wear lenses that made my eyes look hazel or purple, but under my lenses, I would still have brown eyes.

Your DNA determines your eye color. That is determined before you were born, and before you even have eyes. Colored contacts can’t change your eyes. They just cover them.

At the moment of conception, you already have a hair color, and an eye color,

and a gender.

You are either male or female.

A man can wear a dress and lipstick.

A woman can paint on a mustache and wear a tie.

But they cannot change what they are.

What you wear, what you paint on, and how you feel

can never change WHAT YOU ARE.

The lie you tell yourself is still a lie. Lies kill.

But when you know the truth, the truth will set you free.


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