WHY does God exist?

Why does God exist? What is HIS cause?  A good question and worthy of an answer! On the surface, it seems to be the case that Christians are saying,

“The Big Bang can’t be true because nothing can be uncaused!

…Except God.”

But if the Big Bang HAD a cause, what caused the cause? And what caused that cause? You wind up in an infinite regress which is no better than an infinite past with no beginning, both of which leave you unable to account for existence at all! After all, if an infinite number of causes (or days) had to pass before today occurred, we would never have reached today because you cannot pass an infinite number of anything one at a time.

So how did we get here?

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Obviously not through an uncaused explosion. God must have done it! But where did God come from? Was he made by a bigger God?

And was the bigger God made by a bigger, bigger God?

And was the bigger bigger God made by a bigger bigger BIGGER GOD?


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The way the Bible solves this dilemma is not by saying God was ALWAYS HERE- as if he existed through an infinite amount of time before he made us, but rather that God is ETERNAL.

The difference between Eternal and infinite in the past is a VERY important difference.

The author of a book does not have an age inside the story he is writing. Hamlet can’t look back into his own history and find the birth of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is everywhere in the story of Hamlet, and there is nowhere in the history of Hamlet where Shakespeare began. In the world/play of Hamlet, Shakespeare just IS. And if he wasn’t, then neither would any of the characters or places in Hamlet. 

Similarly, God isn’t IN our story, he is our author. He doesn’t age in our time- he MADE our time. 

But what about His cause?

After all, Shakespear may be omnipresent and omniscient to Hamlet, but William Shakespeare was born in 1564.

In philosophy we acknowledge the need for a first, unmoved mover. Someone to knock over the first domino so that we can explain all of the dominoes which are still falling. We also call this the first uncaused cause.

This is not a cop out- it’s NECESSARY.

In fact, that’s what we call it- a necessary being. Because you can’t have an infinite regress of causes, there MUST be a first, uncaused cause. A first unmoved mover. A timeless, eternal cause of the temporal universe. That’s not a stopping of the search for answers,

that is the answer one reaches if they keep searching.

There MUST BE AN UNCAUSED CAUSE or NOTHING would exist! And for that cause to also explain the universe, it must be GOD.

So, logically, GOD MUST exist, and He must exist, not forever back in time- but BEFORE time.

Do Christians say, “The Bible doesn’t mention anything before God so I’ll just stop there”? No sir. Philosophy shows us that the Bible describes God accurately when it says he is uncaused and eternal- God MUST exist. He cannot NOT exist. This is not the result of stopping the investigation, this is the logical result of following the reason to where it has to lead, and as always, it leads back to the Bible.

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16 Responses to WHY does God exist?

  1. Arkenaten says:

    And could you please ex+lain how you get from Jesus of Nazareth to this God that is eternal.


    • Please see John chapter 1. For more follow the cross-references.


      • Arkenaten says:

        Yes, I am aware of the scripture. Now, can you please explain how you get from Jesus of Nazareth to Yahweh? Thanks.


      • John 1:1 says Jesus IS The creator God of the OT. What else do you need? It doesn’t get much clearer, even though it is repeated over and over in the NT.


      • Arkenaten says:

        Yes, I am aware of the scripture, but
        1: how do you know it is true?
        2: simply quoting text is as effective and honest as me telling you my dog sings opera.

        You are going to have to do a lot better than this I’m afraid.
        Have another go ….


      • You asked how I get from Jesus to the God of the Jews. The Bible says over and over that Jesus is. Jesus said he was. His disciples all said he was. The prophecies predicting his life said he would be.
        There’s no way to avoid this simple fact. Christianity has always claimed that Jesus is the God of the Jews. He was even crucified in part on charges of blasphemy- claiming to be the God of the Jews.
        Its unavoidable.
        Maybe you need to ask a more specific question?


      • Arkenaten says:

        Where does Jesus of Nazareth say specifically he is Yahweh?


      • Arkenaten says:

        I hate frakking bible links . Just tell me the chapter and verse because I have NEVER read where he say he is Yahweh or god, and I know the bible quite well.


      • With all due respect, I’m going to wait until you answer my question: WHY do you have these conversations. If you are looking to find answers, I am happy to help. If you are merely trying to get to the point where you can tell me I am an idiot… you’ve already done that several times and I’d rather not spend the effort to merely have you do it again. I hope you understand.



      • Arkenaten says:

        I have stated on numerous occasions – maybe not here – that, any goal that may include your deconversion does not for a second even feature on my radar.
        But there are those who read along who may not feel comfortable to comment who are interested in reading answers to questions they may feel uncomfortable to ask out in the open.
        And the sharing of info in an open forum brings to light much that I may be unaware of as well.

        Theists generally tend to obfuscate and in my experience never give direct answers to direct questions – as you have just demonstrated.

        When people have what the religious usually call a crisis of faith the last thing they need is to be told to have faith, or some such pithy reply. People need answers. Answers that, in my experience, theists cannot provide. Furthermore, when questions of faith arise it is usually the first step toward walking away from such faith based worldviews.

        If you want to read about the realty of YEC education/indoctrination and the flagrant lies that are required to keep children firmly in this system then I recommend you look up the name Jonny Scaramanga.
        He is a blogger who went through ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) in the UK.
        He managed to get out.
        Now he is busy trying to have the British government close these institutions down and has written his PHD on ACE.

        Definitely worth a read … if you are interested in truth, of course.


      • Sooo… you come to MY blog to ask questions you don’t care about so other people can read the answers (or lack thereof) even though convincing people NOT to believe in God isn’t a goal of yours?
        I’m sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense at all. The first part where you try to explain the reasons why you spend SO MUCH TIME writing in on blogs of Christian authors is contradictory nonsense and the rest doesn’t relate to the question.
        Do me a favor and try to explain this again. I’d really like to understand WHY you do this with all of your free time. It REALLY doesn’t make any sense to me, and this didn’t help.


      • Arkenaten says:

        If I thought for one second you were genuine I might be bothered to explain further.
        Did you look up Jonny Scaramanga and ACE?


      • If you thought I was genuine what?


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