Why believe in God? Kent Hovind part 1 of 6

Kent Hovind joins us live from Dinosaur Adventure Land to discuss his ministry! In this installment he answers the question, “Why even Believe in God?” and he explains how the fingerprints of God all across the universe make God’s presence known.

Kent Hovind has been speaking and doing debates about Creation/Evolution for many years, and his lectures have been translated into many languages and spread around the world. He is the founder of Dinosaur Adventure Land, and the father of Eric Hovind of Creation Today Ministries.

Kent Hovind still travels around the country teaching on Biblical Creation and the scientific case against evolution and posts new videos answering listener questions almost every day on his youtube channel.

Kent Hovind’s ministry can be found at: DrDino.com Or Call 855.BIG.DINO (244-3466) And his YouTube channel, Kent Hovind Official, can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxiE…

From DrDino.com Our Mission is to tell the world about the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ and encourage all to serve Him. We use simple (and FUN) science experiments, explanations and illustrations that teach the truths of God’s amazing creation! One of our main missions is to show that the Darwinian/evolutionists explanation of the origins of the world and mankind is completely false and is the most dangerous religion in the history of mankind. We show that the Word of God is True! Real scientific evidence supports the Word of God.

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