About Creation Science 4 Kids: Cheri Fields 1 of 7

Blogger, Podcaster, and Author Cheri Fields tells us about her blog and her podcast, her family and her fascination with science. Cheri Fields is a 2nd generation homeschooling mom of seven, writer, podcaster, and science lover.

She creates the content at Creationscience4kids.com And the podcast Creation Science 4 Kids show which you can find here: https://creationscience4kids.com/podcast

Cheri Fields believes that the key to increasing your family’s faith in their Creator is to explain concepts simply so everyone can understand. This is her goal at CreationScience4Kids.com

she’s had a lot of fun tackling areas where the world tests our faith. CS4K is also designed to be a go-to place for finding resources in the Creation Science field. She’s got a growing apologetics collection just for Teens.

Cheri is also the author of Mysteries of Time and Creation: https://creationscience4kids.com/ebook/

Her website says this about it: In just a few minutes you can discover the foundations of origins science many people trust. Ever wonder why museums, books, and TV are so sure about evolution and millions of years? Want to know what Jesus thinks about this idea? This short introduction to Young Earth Creation for kids will give you the basics, from Genesis to radiometric dating, the Ice Age to natural selection. It’s available at: Amazon Apple Barnes & Noble Kobo most other eReaders or directly from Smashwords as a PDF

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