Confessions of a YEC Part 18- The Positive Case for a Young Earth

If you’ve been reading along during this series, you’ve no doubt realized that I am relying on a lot of evidence Against deep time, and have not as of yet provided a lot of positive evidence for a 6,000 year old earth. But there is a lot of good evidence FOR a ‘young’ earth, and here I shall share a little of that with you.

Are you going to present a case for YOUR position, smart guy?

First, a metaphor which I will admit I am stealing from Kent Hovind:

We are scuba diving into the wreck of an old ship. Deep in the ship we find a chest which is locked, having laid hidden and untouched in this ship since it sank. We open the chest and discover that it is full of coins. Some are more than two hundred years old! A few are more recent, having been minted just before the civil war. But as we examine the chest of coins, we find one which is a quarter on which is stamped the date “1986.” And a Return of the Jedi collectors mug from Burger King.

When did the ship sink?

Some may be tempted to look at the old coins and say, “This ship contains coins from more than two hundred years ago, meaning this ship may have laid on the ocean floor for two hundred years!” which would make sense if those coins were the ONLY evidence, but they are not. Because the chest contained a coin from 1986, we know the ship could not have sank any earlier than 1986. It could not have sank even as long ago as 1985. It could have sank after 1986. It may very well have sank in 2012, but it could not have sank as long ago as 1985 or any dates before if all of the data is considered.

When considering the age of the earth,

we have to use the same common sense that we did in the sunken ship. If we see evidence that demands a young earth, we cannot simply ignore it. We have to admit that there is a cap to the age, and then try to understand the potential old age indicators in a new light.

For instance, we can measure the distance to the moon very accurately using lasers. (Remember kids, when doing science, ALWAYS use lasers.) We find that the moon is actually getting further away all of the time. It’s about an inch and a half further away each year. Run that backwards in time six thousand years and you have no problems. If this movement has been constant, then the moon was about 750 feet closer when it was created. Since the moon is 238,900 miles away, 750 feet is nothing. However, if the moon/earth system is 4.5 BILLION years old as we’re told by textbooks and Wikipedia, then the moon would have been TOUCHING THE EARTH less than two billion years ago. So, I guess that means the moon would have been just kind of sitting around on Texas for two billions years until something knocked it off and into orbit. One of those giant, irritable Texas bulls you see in cartoons, probably.

The point is, however you want to believe the moon was formed, you now have a solid reason to believe that it cannot be more than two billion years old. We’ve just cut the supposed age of the earth/moon IN HALF using observational science.

Just ponder this: If the moon WAS sitting on Texas, what would that look like from your house? Do you think Texas would have claimed the moon as part of its own and been the lone Moon state? Think about it, won’t you?

Here’s a few more quick examples of observable evidence for a “Young” Earth.

Super Magnet Earth

We can measure the strength of the Earth’s magnetic pull, and we can use historical evidence to determine its pull in the past, and we find that the Earth’s Magnetic pull is weakening over time. Naturally, this means it was stronger in the past. How strong? One analysis says it was 40% stronger a mere 1,000 years ago. This means that, 65 million years ago there would have been no dinosaurs. The Earth’s Magnetic poles would have been strong enough to pull the iron out of their hemoglobin, thus killing them and any mammals scurrying around, and besides that, it would have melted the earth, killing everything on earth anyway. The Earth and those dinosaurs MUST be far more recent.

The Faint Sun Paradox

We are measuring the intensity of the sun, and it has been increasing. At the rates we measure, the sun would have been 25% darker 3.8 billion years ago, when life was supposedly evolving. This would have cast the earth into eternal winter from which it still would not have recovered today. Once the snow and ice start reflecting the heat and light from the sun back into space, the temperatures continue dropping and lead to a global ice age which never ends. The Earth and sun MUST be far more recent.

The Oceans are not Salty Enough

We are measuring how much salt is in the oceans, and we discover that it has not yet met its limit. Far from it, the oceans get saltier every year. At the rates we measure, if the oceans has started out as pure water, they would have reached today’s salinity at today’s rate of increase in only 62 million years. This means either the earth must be LESS than 62 million years old, or somehow the oceans were pure water that did not start gaining salt until after the dinosaurs went extinct. The oceans MUST be far more recent.

We still have the Geologic Record

While many evolutionists try to use the fossil record/geological layers to prove deep time, they actually prove a young age of the earth. Putting aside for now the massive evidence they provide for the Flood of Genesis 6-9, consider merely the rate of erosion. The continents are supposedly between 2 and 3 Billion years old, but even at the SLOWEST rate of erosion, the North American continent should have eroded down to sea level in only 10 Million years. Far from sea level, North America has areas which reach 2,000 feet ABOVE sea level. North America should have eroded away 250 times if the deep time ages are true.

Some will try to claim that geological upheaval answers the issue, but it does not. If the continents are replaced by new rock pushing up from underneath, then the continent of North America should be made of rock which is, at most, 10 million years old, but we are told that we have dinosaur fossils which are at least 65 million years old, and basement rock in Grand Canyon which is 2 Billion years old. If this mechanism of uplift is what is keeping the continents above sea level, those should not exist.

Dinosaur Proteins

Far beyond generous estimates say that proteins will entirely decay under the best, most ideal conditions in less than one million years. Skin, bone, blood, and every other part of a once living thing will decay into dust in less than one million years- yet, we have skin, bone and blood from dozens of different dinosaurs of a wide variety of species. There is no chemical way this can be if those dinosaurs lived 65 Million years ago.

The list goes on and on. What should be very clear is that the deep time history you have been sold in textbooks and television does not match what we actually observe. Science tells us that the evolutionary story is impossible for a laundry list of reasons. What science confirms at every turn is the Biblical account. Its time to give Genesis another look.

For more on the positive case for Creation and a Young Earth, check out the Creation Soapbox series. The positive case begins at part 10. And remember my friends, Jesus Loves you!

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