Fart, Sandwich, Fart

I’ve had a few atheist on social media get angry at me for not taking their comments or questions more seriously. I have failed to reply in the manner they feel their comments deserve. But the reason many of them don’t get the reply they think they deserve is simple; many atheists’ comments and questions are couched in profanity and childish name calling. This is like someone offering you a sandwich but they won’t stop farting.

Atheist: You hungry? Want a Sandwhich?

Me: Oh, yes. Totally.

Atheist: [poot] I made you [poot] this sandwhich [poot poot poooooot] and I want to give it [poot] to you. It’s got smoked turkey [poot poot] and mayo [poooot] and some mustard [poot]…

It doesn’t take long before you just aren’t hungry anymore and you get out of the car. 

Me: you know what? Never mind. I don’t care how good that sandwhich may be, I’m getting out of here.

Atheist: Where are you going? You said you were hungry. Liar! My sandwich not good enough for you? Moron. Says he was hungry but then rejects a perfectly good sandwich for no reason.

So if you’re an atheist who thinks they made a good comment, question, or rebuttal to something I have posted and I have refused to reply, you probably couched it in a cloud of stank attitude and potty mouth talk. Try it again without the farts. I’ll bite if I don’t have to wade through a stink cloud first.


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