God and the Number Five

When atheists ask a Christian “What would it take to convince you that God doesn’t exist?”, this is exactly the same as if we were to turn around and say “What would it take to convince you that the number five* doesn’t exist? What evidence or arguments would convince you that there is no number between four and six? What argument or evidence could persuade you that we have culturally inserted a fiction between the quantities of four and six just as we invented Santa Claus or flying unicorns?” santa on a unicorn_edited-1

Nothing? Nothing can convince you that there IS no number we call five? I knew it. You can’t be persuaded by reason or facts. You’re just a blind-faith fruit loop.

It is the same because we are asking what would it take to convince you that a necessary being doesn’t exist. There is no possible world where in the number five doesn’t exist. In no universe could you add four to one and get six. The number five HAS to exist. Similarly, God doesn’t just merely ALSO exist. God MUST exist. If God did not exist, nothing else would either. Accepting a universe without God is like accepting an ocean without water or Hamlet without Shakespeare. It is accepting that you could be persuaded by a clever argument that no argument is valid. It is giving a speech about your faith that words do not exist.

Not to get technical here, but it is “kookiedooks“.

Not only is the question absurd but it has nothing to do with the actual existence of God. This is a question about the psychology of the person being asked.  If it could be shown that convincing a Christian that God did not exist was impossible, or if it could be shown to be fairly easy, neither would say anything about the existence of God, but rather, would say something about the psychology of the person being asked. So, while an interesting question, the answer can never be used to defend atheism or attack theism. Food for thought.


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*to be clear, I am not referring to the word “five” or the symbol, “5”. I mean the quantity you get when you add one to four. Unless you went to a Chicago Public School, in which case I’m referring to the quantity you SHOULD have gotten when you added 1 to 4.

PS: I kid because I love.

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